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Advanced Placement Expansion of the 1990s: How Did Tradition...
To provide a “thorough analysis of the extent to which the recent expansion of the AP program benefitted the traditionally underserved groups of rural, low income, black and Hispanic students.”

NOTES FROM ECS: Demonstrates the need for improved "pipelines" and support systems that prepare and encourage greater numbers of low-income and minority students to take advanced coursework.
Issue/Topic: Curriculum; High School; High School--Advanced Placement
Author(s): Klopfenstein, Kristin
Organization(s): Texas Christian University
Publication: Education Policy Analysis Archives, vol. 12, no. 68
Published On: 12/12/2004
  • All school types (most low-income, least low-income, rural, non-rural, most Hispanic, least Hispanic, most Black, least Black) saw an increase in availability of AP courses between 1994 and 2000, in terms of both the percent of scho...
  • 2004-12-12T00:00:00
    The Impact of Dual Enrollment on College Degree Attainment: ...
    To examine the influence of dual enrollment on college degree attainment and whether these influences equally benefit all students or only high-SES students.
    Issue/Topic: High School--Dual/Concurrent Enrollment; P-16 or P-20
    Author(s): An, Brian
    Publication: Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis
    Published On: 10/9/2012

    Key Finding
    • Dual enrollment positively influences college degree attainment, even after...
    Expanding Dual Enrollment: Increasing Postsecondary Access f...
    To investigate the dual enrollment outcomes associated with a 2005 policy change intended to expand dual enrollment participation in Virginia
    Issue/Topic: Postsecondary; Postsecondary Participation--Access/Outreach
    Author(s): Pretlow, Josh; Wathington, Heather
    Organization(s): North Carolina State University
    Publication: Community College Review
    Published On: 10/31/2012

    Virginia's 2005 dual enrollment policy change included two provisions: 1) high schools had to inform all students of dual enrollment opportunities and 2) selected freshmen and sophomores were eligible to participate. The goal was to incr...

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