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Balanced Leadership: What 30 Years of Research Tells Us abou...
This meta-analysis examines the effects of leadership practices based on 21 leadership responsibilities identified by McREL that are significantly associated with student achievement. The study translates these student results into a balanced leadership framework that describes the knowledge, skills, strategies and tools leaders need to positively impact student achievement.
Issue/Topic: Leadership--Principal/School Leadership--Professional Development; Student Achievement; Leadership; Leadership--Principal/School Leadership--Evaluation and Effectiveness
Author(s): Marzano, Robert; Waters, Tim; McNulty, Brian
Organization(s): Mid-continental Research for Education and Learning (McREL)
Publication: Mid-continental Research for Education and Learning (McREL)
Season: Fall 2003
  • Leadership Matters. A significant, positive correlation exits between effective leadership and student achievement.
Instructional Leadership, Teaching Quality, and Student Achi...
Does providing instruction-related professional development to school principals set in motion a chain of events that can improve teaching and learning in their schools?
Issue/Topic: Teaching Quality--Professional Development; Leadership; Leadership--Principal/School Leadership--Preparation; Leadership--Principal/School Leadership--Evaluation and Effectiveness
Author(s): Quint, Janet; Rappaport, Shelly; Willner, Cynthia; Akey, Theresa
Season: Winter 2007
Findings/Results: Institute for Learning's Principles of Learning (referenced in study)
In its work with districts, the Institute for Learning promulgates a set of 9 principles about the ideas and practices that lead to academic achievement for all...
Math and Science Academic Success in Three Large, Diverse, U...
To examine teachers', school leaders', and students' perceptions of three large, traditional urban Texas high schools that have been unusually successful in math and science, compared to similar Texas high schools
Issue/Topic: Urban; Student Achievement--Closing the Achievement Gap; Leadership
Author(s): Hawes, Daniel; Skrla, Linda; Joseph, James; Rice, Delores; McKenzie, Kathryn
Organization(s): Texas A&M University; Kent State University
Publication: Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk
Published On: 2011

The findings do not reveal a panacea for school success in math and science—no particular math or science curriculum, no particular professional development or teaching strategy, no extraordinary equipment or technology school-wide, a...

Triangulating Principal Effectiveness: How Perspectives of P...
To enhance understanding of principal effectiveness by examining a broader spectrum of practice
Issue/Topic: Leadership--Principal/School Leadership--Evaluation and Effectiveness
Author(s): Loeb, Susanna; Grissom, Jason
Organization(s): Stanford University; University of Missouri - Columbia
Publication: American Educational Research Journal
Published On: 9/1/2011
  • By far the most common category of principal behaviors examined in the literature is instructional leadership, which emphasizes the principal’s role in facilitating teaching and learning.
  • Involvement in instruction ...
Effective Instructional Time Use for School Leaders: Longitu...
To study observational and administrative data to test whether different investments in specific instructional leadership activities predict student achievement gains in schools and to illuminate the connections between instructional leadership behaviors and school performance.
Issue/Topic: Leadership--Principal/School Leadership
Author(s): Grissom, Jason; Loeb, Susanna; Master, Ben
Publication: Educational Researcher
Published On: 2013
While overall time on instruction is not associated with student achievement gains or school improvement, both classroom walkthroughs and time coaching teachers are. Surprisingly, time on classroom walkthroughs is negatively associat...
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