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Accelerating Early Academic Oral English Development in Tran...
To examine how language education programs, particularly TBE and SEI designed for young ELLs, can improve their oral language development.
Issue/Topic: English Language Learner/Bilingual
Author(s): Coyle, Harold; Tong, Fuhui; Irby, Beverly; Kwok, Oi-man; Lara-Alecio, Rafael
Organization(s): American Educational Research Association; Texas A&M University; Southern Methodist University; Sam Houston State University
Publication: American Educational Research Journal
Published On: 2008
  • Students placed in enhanced practice and typical practice traditional bilingual education (TBE) and structured English immersion (SEI) programs consistently demonstrated significantly positive linear growth in their oral English de...
Uninvited Guests: The Influence of Teachers' Roles and Pedag...
To better understand the complex interactional classroom dynamics that influence the teaching and learning of English Language Learners (ELLs).
Issue/Topic: English Language Learner/Bilingual
Author(s): Yoon, Bogum
Organization(s): Texas Woman's University
Publication: American Educational Research Journal
Season: Summer 2008
  • While earlier research suggests that there is little connection between what teachers believe and what they practice in the classroom, this study demonstrates a clear link between belief and practice.
  • The belief that -- if s...
Explaining English Language Proficiency Among Adolescent Imm...
To increase understanding of factors that account for academic English proficiency in adolescent first-generation immigrant students.
Issue/Topic: English Language Learner/Bilingual
Author(s): Suarez-Orozco, Carola; Carhill, Avary; Paez, Mariela
Organization(s): New York University; Boston College
Publication: American Educational Research Journal
Season: Winter 2008
Findings/Results: Although differences in individual student characteristics partially explain variation in English language proficiency, the schools that immigrant youth attended are also important.
  • Attending schools where high percentages of student...
Good Instruction is Good for Everyone - Or Is It? English La...
To examine whether the strategies that appear effective for native speakers are also effective for nonnative speakers and/or whether companion efforts necessary.
Issue/Topic: English Language Learner/Bilingual; Reading/Literacy
Author(s): O'Day, Jennifer
Organization(s): American Institutes for Research
Publication: Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk
Published On: 2009

The impact of key instructional activities shown to be effective in improving reading comprehension for native and fluent English proficient students may be somewhat less effective for ELs, although the direction of influence is generall...

ESL Placement and Schools: Effects on Immigrant Achievement
To investigate the effect of ESL placement on immigrant achievement and how it varies across school contexts.
Issue/Topic: English Language Learner/Bilingual
Author(s): Muller, Chandra; Callahan, Rebecca; Frisco, Michelle; Wilkinson, Lindsey
Organization(s): University of Georgia; University of Texas at Austin; Pennsylvania State University
Publication: Educational Policy
Published On: 2009

Low-immigrant-concentration ESL Schools:

  1. Immigrant students placed in ESL performed at significantly lower levels than their mainstreamed peers.
  2. The negative effect of ESL placement occurs primarily among first-genera...
Vocabulary Skills of Spanish-English Bilinguals: Impact of M...
To explore whether demographic and exposure predictors and mother-child interaction predict child vocabulary outcomes, both in Spanish and English. Also, to discover whether these patterns in one language are associated with parallel skills in another language.
Issue/Topic: English Language Learner/Bilingual
Author(s): Snow, Catherine; Zhao, Jing; Quiroz, Blanca
Organization(s): Texas A&M University; Harvard University Graduate School of Education
Publication: International Journal of Bilingualism
Published On: 2010

Features of the Latino families' home language use and literacy explained their children's vocabulary outcomes.

  1. Certain kinds of adult-child interactions can have a positive influence on the general cognitive skills un...
Assessing English Language Learners' Opportunity to Learn Ma...
To explore the relationship between students' ELL status and their level of opportunity to learn as a factor that may explain performance differences between ELL and non-ELL students
Issue/Topic: English Language Learner/Bilingual
Author(s): Herman, Joan; Abedi, Jamal
Organization(s): University of California, Davis; University of California, Los Angeles
Publication: Teachers College Record
Published On: 2010
Findings/Results: 1. Opportunity to Learn (OTL) has important effects on student performance, even after controlling for students' prior ability and prior academic preparation.

2. ELL students report a lower level of OTL as compared with non-ELLs an...

Improving Education for English Language Learners: Research-...
To provide a comprehensive, user-friendly, review and analysis of recent research to inform and improve instructional practices in order to help English learners.
Issue/Topic: English Language Learner/Bilingual
Author(s): Saunders, Bill; Goldenberg, Claude
Organization(s): Stanford University; UCLA
Season: Summer 2010

Guidelines Based on Relatively Strong Supporting Evidence from English Language Development (ELD) Research

  • Providing ELD instruction is better than not providing it.

  • ELD instruction sho...
Urban Principals' Facilitation of English Language Learning ...
To identify characteristics of effective English Language Learner (ELL) models, the factors that principals should consider when selecting a model to use to help immigrant students and the key role principals can play in facilitating ELL in urban schools.
Issue/Topic: English Language Learner/Bilingual; Leadership--Principal/School Leadership
Author(s): Brogadir, Rebecca; Stufft, Derry
Organization(s): University of Maryland Eastern Shore; Milestones Day School
Publication: Education and Urban Society
Published On: 2011

Factors to Consider in Selecting a Model for ELL

  • The total number of language minority students in the school or school district, as well as whether these students are concentrated in one grade, one building o...
What We Know About Second Language Acquisition: A Synthesis ...
To demonstrate the value of integrating information from four bodies of work (foreign language education, child language research, sociocultural studies and psycholinguistics) in thinking about educational questions--in this case, perspectives on second language acquisition
Issue/Topic: English Language Learner/Bilingual
Author(s): Zhao, Jing; Gezer, Melike; Burgess-Brigham, Renata; Su, Jung-Hsuan; Wu, Shuang; Snow, Catherine; Shin, Jee-Young; Dixon, L.
Organization(s): American Educational Research Association
Publication: Review of Educational Research
Published On: 2/15/2012
Findings/Results: What are the optimal conditions for second language acquisition?
  • There is no "one best way" to educate second language learners.
  • The quality of instruction and suffic...
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