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Ready to Learn? Children's Pre-Academic Achievement in pre-K...
To examine children's growth in school-related learning and social skills over the pre-K year in state-funded programs designed to prepare children for kindergarten.
Issue/Topic: P-3 Preschool; P-3 Finance
Author(s): Reckhow, Sarah; Burchinal, Margaret; Pianta, Robert; Clifford, Richard; Bryant, Donna; Barbarin, Oscar; Howes, Carollee
Organization(s): University of California, Los Angeles; University of Virginia; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Publication: Early Childhood Research Quarterly
Published On: 2008

While results were mixed, overall the study found that children made small gains in pre-academic skills from participating in state-funded pre-K programs.

  • On standardized measures of language, literacy and math, children made...
The Longitudinal Effects of Kindergarten Enrollment and Rela...
This study examined the relationship between early, on-time, or delayed kindergarten enrollment and children’s mathematics and reading achievement from kindergarten through third grade. The study predicted that the degree to which delayed, on-time, or early enrollment influences children’s reading and mathematics achievement depends on those preenrollment factors that potentially create assignment biases and the relative age of each child to his or her classmates.
Issue/Topic: P-3 Kindergarten--Full-Day Kindergarten; P-3 Kindergarten
Publication: Teacher College Record
Published On: 2013
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