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Ready to Learn? Children's Pre-Academic Achievement in pre-K...
To examine children's growth in school-related learning and social skills over the pre-K year in state-funded programs designed to prepare children for kindergarten.
Issue/Topic: P-3 Finance; P-3 Preschool
Author(s): Pianta, Robert; Howes, Carollee; Burchinal, Margaret; Bryant, Donna; Early, Diane; Clifford, Richard; Barbarin, Oscar
Organization(s): University of California, Los Angeles; University of Virginia; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Publication: Early Childhood Research Quarterly
Published On: 2008

While results were mixed, overall the study found that children made small gains in pre-academic skills from participating in state-funded pre-K programs.

  • On standardized measures of language, literacy and math, children made...
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