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School Choice Policies and Racial Segregation: Where White P...
To examine white, upper-middle-class parents' interactions with a market-based school choice policy, how the parents make decisions about which schools are desirable within the policy context, and whether they would support changes to those policies that would lead to less stratification and segregation in schools
Issue/Topic: Choice of Schools--Choice/Open Enrollment--Research; Parent/Family
Author(s): Roda, Allison; Stuart Wells, Amy
Organization(s): Teachers College, Columbia University
Publication: American Journal of Education
Published On: 2012

While opinion polls note that there is a growing acceptance among whites of racial diversity in public schools, the nation's schools - including those in District Q - have become increasingly segregated.

High School Socioeconomic Segregation and Student Attainment
To examine the associations between socioeconomic composition (SEC) and attainment measured at two critical transitions—high school graduation and college enrollment—and to investigate school mechanisms that mediate those associations
Issue/Topic: Student Achievement--Closing the Achievement Gap; Desegregation
Author(s): Palardy, Gregory
Publication: American Educational Research Journal
Published On: 3/26/2013

Question 1 To what degree do student attainment, academic and family background, and school factors vary in low, medium, and high SEC schools?

Nearly 50 Years Post-Jim Crow: Persisting and Expansive Scho...
To address segregation of English language learners (ELL) in Texas, and to examine the association between high stakes accountability ratings and segregation by race/ethnicity, economic disadvantage, and language proficiency
Issue/Topic: English Language Learner/Bilingual; Desegregation
Author(s): Heilig, Julian; Holme, Jennifer
Organization(s): University of Texas at Austin
Publication: Education and Urban Society
Published On: 8/16/2013
  • ELL students in Texas experience high levels of segregation in schools by race, poverty, and language status. Reasons for the growing segregation are less clear, but there are a number of potential causes indicated within the litera...
Is There Empirical Evidence That Charter Schools “Push Out” ...
To examine exit patterns of low-performing students in all charter and traditional public schools in a large urban school district to determine whether the patterns are consistent with the claim that charter schools are pushing out low-performing students
Issue/Topic: Choice of Schools--Charter Schools
Author(s): Zimmer, Ron; Guarino, Cassandra
Publication: Educational Evaluation & Policy Analysis
Published On: 9/4/2013
  • Though the study was unable to definitively assess why students transfer out of a particular school, it was able to examine the patterns in the data to determine if they were consistent with the notion that low-performing students a...
The Evolution of Charter School Quality
1) To describe how the distribution of charter school quality in Texas, one of the largest charter school states, evolved between 2001 and 2011 2) To investigate the extent to which more fundamental factors--changes over time in student turnover, student selection into and out of charters, and the share of schools that adhere to a "no excuses" philosophy--contribute to the observed changes in school quality
Issue/Topic: Choice of Schools--Charter Schools--Research; Choice of Schools--Charter Schools
Publication: National Bureau of Economic Research
Published On: 2014
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