2016 National Forum on Education Policy Resources

Session resources and PowerPoints from our Forum.

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Plenary Sessions and Ed Talk

Education Commission of the States Chair’s Initiative: Dual enrollment and improved student success


Ed Talk with David Adkins: State policy around ESSA


Concurrent Sessions

Connecting the Education Data Continuum

Dual Enrollment: Strategies that work – and lessons learned

ESSA and College Readiness Assessments: Flexibility, accountability and shared decision-making


School Finance 101: Diving into the lessons of education funding

Tools to Prompt Policy Progress: Strategies for success




Plenary Sessions and Ed Talks

Education Trends: Getting back to our roots in education


Poverty and the Achievement Gap: A problem long in need of solutions


Every Student Succeeds Act 101: Putting states on track to success

College Affordability: States tackle the rising tuition challenge

Ed Talk with Fredi Lajvardi: Reversing the STEM deficit


Ed Talk with Elizabeth Huntley: Return on investment of early childhood education

Ed Talk with Evan Marwell: Connecting students to educational opportunity

Concurrent Sessions (morning)

Reaching the Finish: Supporting near-completers in degree completion

Turnaround Innovations and ESSA: Improving low-performing schools

Concurrent Sessions (afternoon)

Building Capacity in K-3

Education Reimagined: The future of learning is now

ESSA and Accountability: An opportunity to learn from states

Free Community College: An option to increase adult degree attainment

STEM: Strategies that work and lessons learned




Teacher Pipeline: Clearing the path to improved learning


Concurrent Sessions

Beyond Compliance: Educator preparation data that informs program improvement

PowerPoint – Boggs

PowerPoint – McQueen

Computer Science: Meeting the demands of the tech world

Fact and Fiction: Examining the teacher shortage issue

  • Teacher Shortages Series  (Education Commission of the States)
  • Creating Coherence in the Teacher Shortage Debate: What Policy Leaders Should Know and Do (Ellen Sherratt) – coming soon!

Leadership for Improving Learning and Teaching


LESN Seminar (Tuesday and Wednesday)

Resources on Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement (Tuesday)

Model Policy Components and State Comparisons

Dual Enrollment Model Policy Components PowerPoint – Jennifer Zinth

State Funding Models for Dual Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment PowerPoint – Bridget Godes – IA

Move on When Ready PowerPoint – Satyn Nishon Geary – GA

Career/Technical Education (CTE) Dual Enrollment

Models to Advance Access to Rigorous Coursework in Rural Schools

Appalachian Collaborative PowerPoint – Pam Noeth

Resources on ESSA (Wednesday)


Implementing ESSA PowerPoint – Claire Voorhees – ExcelinEd

ESSA in Oregon PowerPoint – Richard Donovan – OR



Evaluating Assessments PowerPoint – Amber Northern – Fordham



School Improvement

Stakeholder Engagement

State Plans