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State Pre-K Funding: 2014-15 fiscal year

State funding mechanisms for English language learners

Trends in teacher certification: Equipping teachers to prepare proficient readers

Strengthening student transitions

The Progress of Education Reform: College counseling in high schools: Advising state policy

Third-grade reading policies: Spelling it out — policies directed at ensuring early reading success (press release)

State standard-setting processes in brief (press release)

State Civic Education Policy Framework: A guide for policymakers

50 Ways to Test: A look at state summative assessments for 2014-15 (press release)

How Does Education in My State Compare? What every governor or other elected official needs to know

  •  name=
    The approach states are taking to state tests is of great interest to education policymakers. This new ECS report clearly lays out which state tests are being given in all states this year.
  • ELL
    Funding English language learners (ELLs) is a critical yet very complex policy issue. This report provides a clear description of the various methods used in all 50 states.
  • PERdec2014
    Counselors, coaching and college. Learn about their connection in the new Progress of Education Reform
  • thirdgrade
    This comprehensive look at third-grade reading policies will assist education policymakers as they look to improve early reading success for all students.
  • civics2
    State Civic Education Policy Framework: A guide for state policymakers as they address the complexities of preparing students for college, career and civic life.

Common Core
Co-sponsor changes stance on TN repeal bill
Sen. Dolores Gresham, a co-sponsor of legislation to repeal Tennessee’s Common Core standards, said the measure probably will change after discussions with teachers and other educators who say the higher benchmarks in English and math are helping students. (Tennessean)

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