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The following summary includes policies enacted in the past month. This database is made possible by your state's fiscal support of the Education Commission of the States (ECS). Most entries are legislative, although rules/regulations and executive orders that make substantive changes are included. Every effort is made to collect the latest available version of policies; in some instances, recent changes might not be reflected. For expediency purposes minimal attention has been paid to style (capitalization, punctuation) and format. To view the documents, click on the blue triangle next to the topic of interest. To view all, press the button located at the top labeled "Expand All."

Please cite use of the database as: Education Commission of the States (ECS) State Policy Database, retrieved [date].

State Status/Date Level Summary
+ Assessment
+ At-Risk (incl. Dropout Prevention)--Alternative Education
+ Athletics/Extracurricular Activities
+ Attendance--Compulsory
+ Choice of Schools--Charter Schools
+ Civic Education
+ Common Core State Standards and Assessments
+ Curriculum--Drivers Education
+ Curriculum--Social Studies/History
+ Finance--District
+ Finance--Funding Formulas
+ Governance--Regional Entities
+ Health
+ P-3 Kindergarten
+ Postsecondary Accountability
+ Postsecondary Affordability--Financial Aid
+ Postsecondary Faculty
+ Postsecondary Faculty--Compensation
+ Postsecondary Finance--Facilities
+ Postsecondary Governance and Structures--Administrative/Leadership Issues
+ Postsecondary Institutions--Community/Technical Colleges
+ Postsecondary Institutions--Private/Independent
+ Postsecondary Students--Military
+ School Safety--Bullying Prevention/Conflict Resolution
+ School Safety--Special Education
+ Special Education
+ Special Populations--Military
+ Standards
+ State Policymaking--Task Forces/Commissions
+ Teaching Quality--Compensation and Diversified Pay--Retirement/Benefits
+ Technology