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State Status/Date Level Summary
CASigned into law 10/2011P-12
Gender Expression and Gender Identity
A.B. 887
Creates definition of "gender expression" in the Education Code. Adds that a public education is to be offered to all, regardless of gender identity and gender expression; prohibits discrimination in public schools and charter schools based on gender identity ...

ILSigned into law 07/2010P-12
Community College
Diversity in Persons at Supervisory, Technical, Professional and Managerial Levels
S.B. 3531
Establishes the African American Employment Plan Act. Provides that the purposes of the act are to:

(a) improve the delivery of state services to Illinois' African Americans by increasing the number of African American state employees total and the number se...

CAVetoed 10/2009Postsec.
Community College
Publicizing Student Rights under Title IX
S.B. 248
Requires school districts, the president or chief executive officer of a community college campus, the president of a California State University campus, and requests the chancellor of each University of California campus, to place on their respective Web site...

NEApproved by voters 09/2008P-12
Ballot Initiative: Prohibits Discrimination
V. 3; (Initiative Measure No. 424)
(INITIATIVE MEASURE NO. 424) Proposes an amendment to the State Constitution; prohibits the State from discriminating against, or granting preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in pub...

TXSigned into law 06/2001Postsec.Women's Athletic Development Fund
S.B. 903
Relates to the establishment and use of a women's athletic development fund and a study of women's athletic development practices at institutions of higher education....

ILSigned into law 06/2000Postsec.Gender Equity In Intercollegiate Sports
S.B. 1589
Public Act No. 91-792., Amends the Board of Higher Education Act; removes the provision repealing the Section concerning gender equity in intercollegiate athletics on December 31, 2000; changes when the Board of Higher Education has to report to the General As...