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State Status/Date Level Summary
TNSigned into law 05/2010P-12Inclusion of International Practices and Outcomes
S.B. 1743
Urges institutions of higher education offering approved teacher training programs to offer comparative education programs
that examine teaching practices and learning outcomes in other countries. Amends TCA Title 49 2009 TN HB 0376.

TNSigned into law 05/2010P-12World-Class Public Education System
S.J.R. 798
A RESOLUTION to express support of a world-class public education system for Tennessee and expectations that teachers, parents, and students must all pursue excellence to achieve that goal.

TXSigned into law 06/2009P-12College Readiness Standards
H.B. 3 - Section 53, Part I
Defines "college-readiness" as the level of preparation a student must attain in English language arts and math to enroll and succeed, without remediation, in an entry-level general education course in that subject at a general academic teaching institution, a...

TXSigned into law 06/2007P-12Adminstering International Assessments
H.B. 3259
Establishes a program for school districts to administer international assessment tests to students in the district and specifies a funding source for the program. This program allows
the commissioner of education to compare the performance of Texas students t...

FLSigned into law 05/2002P-12
Education Code Re-Write: Articulated Acceleration Mechanisms
S.B. 20E
Adds subsection relating to Advanced International Certificate of Education Program (AICE); sets out that public secondary school students are exempt from payment of Advanced Placement exam fees, regardless of whether or not they obtain a passing score on the ...

KYSigned into law 04/2002P-12International Education Encouraged
S.C.R. 142
Urges the Board of Education to encourage educators, students and education policymakers to participate in international educational exchange programs; urges the department to identify exchange programs, curricula and information for districts to increase stud...

MESigned into law 04/2002P-12Seeds of Peace International Camp
H.B. 1434
Appropriates one-time funds for student scholarships to the Seeds of Peace International Camp.