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State Status/Date Level Summary
WASigned into law 03/2014Postsec.Change from State Funding to Fee-based Program
H.B. 1669
When a decision is being considered to change a degree program that is supported by state funding to a self-supporting, fee-based program, a public baccalaureate institution must: 1) publicly notify prospective students, including notification in admission off...

INSigned into law 04/2013Postsec.Indiana University School of Public Health
H.B. 1295
Corrects references to the Indiana University School of Public Health (which was formerly a department of the University's medical school, but was designated as a separate school of the University in legislation enacted in 2007).

COSigned into law 06/2012Postsec.Name Change Western State College Of Colorado
H.B. 1331
The bill changes the name of Western state college of Colorado to Western state Colorado university and makes conforming amendments..

COSigned into law 05/2012Postsec.Colorado Mesa University
H.B. 1324
The bill changes the admission standards for Colorado Mesa university from "moderately selective" to "selective". The number of members of the board of trustees is increased from 11 to 13..

COSigned into law 05/2012Postsec.Adams State College Name Change
H.B. 1080
The bill changes the name of Adams state college to Adams state university and makes conforming amendments.

ILAdopted 04/2012Postsec.Approval of New Units of Instruction, Research and Public Service at Public Institutions
23 IL ADC 1050.10, 20, 30
This rule guides the reviews of (a) applications for new degree programs at public universities and community colleges and (b) proposals from public universities to establish new research and public service centers. This rule also requires the institutional re...

COSigned into law 04/2012Postsec.Name Change Metropolitan State College Of Denver
S.B. 148
The bill changes the name of Metropolitan state college of Denver to Metropolitan state university of Denver and makes conforming amendments..

MDSigned into law 05/2011Postsec.Regulation of Public, Private Nonprofit, and For-Profit Institutions of Higher Education
S.B. 695
From Department of Legislative Services Fiscal and Policy Note: Distinguishes between public, private nonprofit, and for-profit institutions of higher education. Clarifies the scope of the Maryland Consumer Protection Act to include the unfair or deceptive off...