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The following summary includes policies ECS has tracked in this database since 1994. This database is made possible by your state's fiscal support of the Education Commission of the States (ECS). Most entries are legislative, although rules/regulations and executive orders that make substantive changes are included. Every effort is made to collect the latest available version of policies; in some instances, recent changes might not be reflected. For expediency purposes minimal attention has been paid to style (capitalization, punctuation) and format. To view the documents, click on the blue triangle next to the topic of interest.

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+ Attendance
+ Attendance--Compulsory
- Attendance--Statutory Ages (Upper and Lower)
KYSigned into law 04/2014P-12Enrollment of Refugee or Legal Alien Students in Schools
H.B. 79
Authorizes a district to provide an approved high school program to a student who is a refugee or legal alien until the student graduates or until the end of the school year in which the student turns 21, whichever occurs first.

MSSigned into law 03/2014P-12School Districts
S.B. 2571
Sections 2 and 4. Changes from September 1 to August 1 the cut-off date as it relates to the definition of "compulsory-school-age child."

MEBecame law without governor's signature 07/2013P-12Changes Required in State Board Amendments to Unified Special Education Regulation Birth to Age 20
H.R. 232
The State Board of Education made a major substantive rule change to the Maine Unified Special Education Regulation Birth to Age Twenty, an action requiring legislative review. This bill authorizes this action contingent on several conditions:
1. Strike the ...

NESigned into law 05/2013P-12Change in Kindergarten Cut-Off Age
L.B. 410 - School Entrance
The cutoff date remains five years on or before July 31 of the calendar year in which the school year for which the child is seeking admission begins. However, this bill changes from allowing to requiring admission of children who turn 5 between August 1 and ...

TNSigned into law 05/2012P-12Kindergarten Age
H.B. 2566
Sets kindergarten entrance age. Children entering kindergarten shall be five years of age on or before August 31 for the 2013-2014 school year and on or before August 15 for all school years thereafter.

HISigned into law 06/2010P-12School Entry Barred After Age 20
H.B. 2077
Repeals portion of section 302A-1134 that barred a student age 17 or older from entering grade 9, and that barred a student age 18 or older from entering grade 10. Replaces with language that provides that no student who is age 20 or older on the first instruc...

ILSigned into law 01/2010P-12Professional Development for Department of Human Services Staff; 1st Grade Start Age for Certain Students
H.B. 806
Requires the department of human services to operate a comprehensive professional development system called the Gateways to Opportunity program. Directs the department of human services to award Gateways to Opportunity credentials to early care and education, ...

WISigned into law 10/2009P-12
A.B. 119
Beginning on September 1, 2011, a school board may not enroll a child in the first grade in a school in the school district, including in a charter school located in the school district, unless the child has completed 5-year-old kindergarten. Requires each sch...

NDSigned into law 08/2009P-12Entrance Ages, Upper Statutory Age
H.B. 1378
Modifies 15.1-06-01. Changes the cut-off date for enrollment in grade one from September first to August first. For kindergarten, the cut-off date changes from five by September first of the year of enrollment to August first. Provides exception for children w...

ILSigned into law 08/2007P-12Compulsory School Age
S.B. 543
Requires a person having custody or control of a child who is below the compulsory school age but enrolled in kindergarten in a public school to cause the child to attend the public school.

ILSigned into law 07/2007P-12Upper Statutory Age for a Student with Disabilities
H.B. 817
In the definition of children with disabilities, provides that an eligible student who requires continued public school educational experience to facilitate his or her successful transition and integration into adult life is eligible for special education serv...

NCSigned into law 06/2007P-12School Admission Requirements
H.B. 150
Modifies school admission requirements. Moves cut-off date for enrollment to August 31 from October 16.

ORSigned into law 06/2007P-12Defines "Person in Parental Relationship"
S.B. 215
Defines "Person in parental relationship" as an adult who has physical custody of a child or resides in the same household as the child, interacts with the child daily, provides the
child with food, clothing, shelter and incidental necessaries and provides the...

TXSigned into law 05/2007P-12Permitting Attendance of Students to Age 26
H.B. 1137
Permits students who are at least 21 years of age and under 26 years of age on the first day of September of any school year to be eligible for funding under the Foundation School Program for the purposes of completing the requirements for a high school diplom...

WASigned into law 04/2007P-12Alternative Pathways to a Diploma
H.B. 1051
Finds that the state's commitment to providing a basic education for all public school students under the age of twenty-one should continue until a student earns a diploma.
Therefore the legislature intends to expand high school completion programs at communit...

ARSigned into law 03/2007P-12kindergarten entrance age
S.B. 217
Lowers the age of enrollment in kindergarten in public school from 5 by September 1 in 2009-2010, for the 2010-2011 school year
the cutoff age would be August 15; 2011-2012 and afterwards, 5 on or before August 1 of the year they are seeking initial enrollment...

SDSigned into law 03/2007P-12Kindergarten Attendance
S.B. 33
Amends 13-28-2 to read: Any child who is five years old on the first day of September is eligible for enrollment in kindergarten during that school year. Any child who is six years old by September first is eligible for enrollment in first grade during that sc...

NVAdopted 01/2006P-12Maximum Age for a High Schooler
NAC 387.345
Establishes rules regarding maximum age for a high school pupil in Nevada -- to allow for basic support apportionment for pupils who are over the normal age of a high school senior where an 18, 19 or 20 year old may need an extra year to complete required cred...

COSigned into law 04/2005P-12High School Dropout Parental Notice
S.B. 164
Requires districts to provide written notification to parents of a high school dropout who is not subject to compulsory education laws. States that the notice should have the goal of attempting to return the student to school and of conveying ot the student's ...

ILSigned into law 01/2005P-12School Code
H.B. 757
Amends the Children with Disabilities Article of the School Code to allow a child with a disability who has completed four years of high school to participate in the graduation ceremony and receive a certificate of completion under specified circumstances. Fur...

ILSigned into law 08/2004P-12Compulsory School Age; Alternative Education
S.B. 2918
Increases the compulsory school age from 16 to 17 years of age, with exceptions. Provides that certain provisions that apply to truant officers apply to the regional superintendent of schools or his designee in a school district that does not have a truant off...

ILSigned into law 07/2004P-12Student Enrollment
S.B. 2115
Amends the School Code. Allows a school or school district to deny enrollment to a student 16 years of age or older for one semester for failure to meet minimum academic or attendance standards if certain conditions are met. Requires a district to identify, tr...

KSSigned into law 05/2004P-12
Compulsory Attendance Exemption for Concurrently Enrolled Students
H.B. 2795 (multiple provisions)
Section 1: Allows student age 16 or 17 to be exempt from compulsory attendance requirements if student is regularly enrolled in a school and is concurrently enrolled in a postsecondary educational institution. Makes provisions applicable to children from and ...

CARule Adoption 02/2004P-12Regular Average Daily Attendance for Charter Schools
Title 5 CCR 11960
Amends rule to provide that a pupil over the age of 19 years may generate attendance for apportionment purposes in a charter school only if the pupil was enrolled in public school in pursuit of a high school diploma or in keeping with an individualized educati...

RISigned into law 07/2003P-12First Grade Entrance Age
S.B. 593
This act would provide that a child, who has or will have completed six (6) years of life on or before September 1, rather than December 1, of any school year, shall be eligible to attend first grade. This act would take effect on January 1, 2006....

MESigned into law 05/2003P-12Enrollment Age EligibilitySAME AS: 592
S.P. 201
Regards age eligibility for enrollment in a public secondary school; authorizes the Commissioner of Education to waive on a case-by-case basis waivers of age requirements to allow students who have reached 20 years of age before the start of the school year to...

MSSigned into law 03/2003P-12Minimum Compulsory School Age
S.B. 2394
Provides that the Compulsory School Attendance Law shall apply to any 5-year-old as of September 1st of an academic year, and who is already enrolled in a full-day public school kindergarten program (minimum compulsory school age remains 6 for those children w...

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+ No Child Left Behind--Assessment
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+ No Child Left Behind--Consequences for Schools
+ No Child Left Behind--Finance
+ No Child Left Behind--Parent Involvement
+ No Child Left Behind--Reauthorization Issues/Waivers
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+ Postsecondary Academic Affairs--Transfer/Articulation
+ Postsecondary Accountability
+ Postsecondary Accountability--Accreditation
+ Postsecondary Accountability--Diploma Mills
+ Postsecondary Accountability--Licensing/Program Review and Approval
+ Postsecondary Accountability--Student Learning
+ Postsecondary Affordability
+ Postsecondary Affordability--Financial Aid
+ Postsecondary Affordability--Textbooks
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+ Postsecondary Affordability--Tuition/Fees--Prepd/College Savings Plans
+ Postsecondary Affordability--Tuition/Fees--Undocumented Immigrants
+ Postsecondary Faculty
+ Postsecondary Faculty--Compensation
+ Postsecondary Faculty--Intellectual Property
+ Postsecondary Faculty--Teaching Assistants
+ Postsecondary Faculty--Tenure
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+ Postsecondary Institutions--HBCUs/Minority-Serving Institutions
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+ School/District Structure/Operations--District Consolidation/Deconsolidation
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+ Special Education--Federal Law/Regulations
+ Special Education--Finance
+ Special Education--Inclusion (Mainstreaming)
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+ Special Education--Transition
+ Special Populations
+ Special Populations--Corrections Education
+ Special Populations--Foster Care
+ Special Populations--Gifted and Talented
+ Special Populations--Homeless Education
+ Special Populations--Immigrant Education
+ Special Populations--Migrant Education
+ Special Populations--Military
+ Standards
+ Standards--Implementation
+ State Comparisons/Statistics
+ State Longitudinal Data Systems
+ State Policymaking
+ State Policymaking--Ballot Questions
+ State Policymaking--Constitutional Clauses
+ State Policymaking--Task Forces/Commissions
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+ Student Achievement--Closing the Achievement Gap
+ Student Surveys
+ Students
+ Students--Employment
+ Students--Incentives
+ Students--K-12 Exchange Students
+ Students--Mobility
+ Students--Records/Rights
+ Teaching Quality
+ Teaching Quality--Certification and Licensure
+ Teaching Quality--Certification and Licensure--Alternative
+ Teaching Quality--Certification and Licensure--Assignment
+ Teaching Quality--Certification and Licensure--Highly Qualified Teachers
+ Teaching Quality--Certification and Licensure--Natl. Bd. for Prof. Teach. Stds.
+ Teaching Quality--Certification and Licensure--Special Education
+ Teaching Quality--Certification and Licensure--State Prof. Standards Bds.
+ Teaching Quality--Certification and Licensure--Substitute Teachers
+ Teaching Quality--Compensation and Diversified Pay
+ Teaching Quality--Compensation and Diversified Pay--Pay-for-Performance
+ Teaching Quality--Compensation and Diversified Pay--Retirement/Benefits
+ Teaching Quality--Evaluation and Effectiveness
+ Teaching Quality--Induction Programs and Mentoring
+ Teaching Quality--Paraprofessionals
+ Teaching Quality--Preparation
+ Teaching Quality--Professional Development
+ Teaching Quality--Recruitment and Retention
+ Teaching Quality--Recruitment and Retention--At-Risk Schools
+ Teaching Quality--Recruitment and Retention--High-Needs Subjects
+ Teaching Quality--Reduction in Force
+ Teaching Quality--Teacher Attitudes
+ Teaching Quality--Teacher Contracts (Not Tenure)
+ Teaching Quality--Teacher Rights
+ Teaching Quality--Tenure or Continuing Contract
+ Teaching Quality--Unions/Collective Bargaining
+ Teaching Quality--Unions/Collective Bargaining--Strikes
+ Teaching Quality--Working Conditions
+ Technology
+ Technology--Computer Skills
+ Technology--Devices/Software/Hardware
+ Technology--Equitable Access
+ Technology--Funding Issues
+ Technology--Internet Safety
+ Technology--Research/Evaluation
+ Technology--Teacher/Faculty Training
+ Textbooks and Open Source
+ Urban
+ Urban--Change/Improvements
+ Urban--Governance
+ Whole-School Reform Models
+ Youth Engagement