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The following summary includes policies ECS has tracked in this database since 1994. This database is made possible by your state's fiscal support of the Education Commission of the States (ECS). Most entries are legislative, although rules/regulations and executive orders that make substantive changes are included. Every effort is made to collect the latest available version of policies; in some instances, recent changes might not be reflected. For expediency purposes minimal attention has been paid to style (capitalization, punctuation) and format. To view the documents, click on the blue triangle next to the topic of interest.

Please cite use of the database as: Education Commission of the States (ECS) State Policy Database, retrieved [date].

State Status/Date Level Summary
+ 21st Century Skills
+ Accountability
+ Accountability--Accreditation
+ Accountability--Measures/Indicators
+ Accountability--Reporting Results
+ Accountability--Rewards
+ Accountability--Sanctions/Interventions
+ Accountability--Sanctions/Interventions--Learnfare
+ Accountability--Sanctions/Interventions--No Pass No Drive
+ Accountability--Sanctions/Interventions--No Pass No Play
+ Accountability--Sanctions/Interventions--Takeovers
+ Accountability--School Improvement
+ Adult Basic Education
+ Assessment
+ Assessment--Accommodations
+ Assessment--Backlash
+ Assessment--College Entrance Exams
+ Assessment--Computer Based
+ Assessment--End-of-Course
+ Assessment--Formative/Interim
+ Assessment--NAEP (NAEP Results and NAEP Organization)
+ Assessment--Performance Based/Portfolio
+ Assessment--Value Added
+ At-Risk (incl. Dropout Prevention)
+ At-Risk (incl. Dropout Prevention)--Alternative Education
+ At-Risk (incl. Dropout Prevention)--Drugs/Alcohol
+ Athletics/Extracurricular Activities
+ Attendance
+ Attendance--Compulsory
+ Attendance--Statutory Ages (Upper and Lower)
+ Attendance--Truancy/Chronic Absence
+ Background Checks
+ Brain Research
+ Business Involvement
+ Career/Technical Education
+ Career/Technical Education--Career Academies/Apprenticeship
+ Cheating
+ Choice of Schools
+ Choice of Schools--Charter Schools
+ Choice of Schools--Charter Schools--Charter Districts
+ Choice of Schools--Charter Schools--Closings
+ Choice of Schools--Charter Schools--Cyber Charters
+ Choice of Schools--Charter Schools--Finance
+ Choice of Schools--Charter Schools--Research
+ Choice of Schools--Choice/Open Enrollment
+ Choice of Schools--Innovation Schools
+ Choice of Schools--Magnet or Specialized Schools
+ Choice of Schools--Tax Credits
+ Choice of Schools--Vouchers
+ Choice of Schools--Vouchers--Privately Funded
+ Civic Education
+ Civic Education--Character Education
+ Civic Education--Civic Knowledge and Literacy
+ Civic Education--Curriculum/Standards
+ Civic Education--Pledge of Allegiance
+ Class Size
+ Common Core State Standards and Assessments
+ Competency-Based Education (K-12)
+ Counseling/Guidance
+ Curriculum
+ Curriculum--Alignment
+ Curriculum--Arts Education
+ Curriculum--Censorship
+ Curriculum--Computer Science
+ Curriculum--Core Curriculum
+ Curriculum--Drivers Education
+ Curriculum--Environmental Education
+ Curriculum--Excusal
+ Curriculum--Family Living Education
+ Curriculum--Financial Literacy/Economics Ed.
+ Curriculum--Foreign Language/Sign Language
+ Curriculum--Geography Education
+ Curriculum--Health and Nutrition Education
+ Curriculum--Home Economics
+ Curriculum--International Education
+ Curriculum--Language Arts
+ Curriculum--Language Arts--Writing/Spelling
+ Curriculum--Mathematics
+ Curriculum--Multicultural
+ Curriculum--Physical Education
+ Curriculum--Science
+ Curriculum--Sex Education
+ Curriculum--Social Studies/History
+ Data-Driven Improvement
+ Demographics
+ Demographics--Condition of Children/Adults
+ Demographics--Enrollments
+ Desegregation
+ Economic/Workforce Development
+ Economic/Workforce Development--Value of an Education
+ Education Research
+ English Language Learner/Bilingual
+ Equity
+ Federal
+ Finance
+ Finance--Adequacy/Core Cost
+ Finance--Aid to Private Schools
+ Finance--Bonds
+ Finance--District
+ Finance--Does Money Matter?
+ Finance--Equity
+ Finance--Facilities
+ Finance--Federal
+ Finance--Funding Formulas
+ Finance--Litigation
+ Finance--Local Foundations/Funds
+ Finance--Lotteries
+ Finance--Performance Funding
+ Finance--Private Giving
+ Finance--Resource Efficiency
+ Finance--State Budgets/Expenditures
+ Finance--Student Fees
+ Finance--Taxes/Revenues
+ Finance--Taxes/Revenues--Alternative Revenues
+ Governance
+ Governance--Deregulation/Waivers/Home Rule
+ Governance--Ethics/Conflict of Interest
+ Governance--Federalism
+ Governance--Local/Mayoral Takeovers
+ Governance--Mandates
+ Governance--Regional Entities
+ Governance--School Boards
+ Governance--School Boards--Training
+ Governance--Site-Based Management
+ Governance--State Boards/Chiefs/Agencies
+ Health
+ Health--Child Abuse
+ Health--Mental Health
+ Health--Nutrition
+ Health--School Based Clinics or School Nurses
+ Health--Suicide Prevention
+ Health--Teen Pregnancy
+ High School
+ High School--Advanced Placement
+ High School--College Readiness
+ High School--Credit Recovery
+ High School--Dropout Rates/Graduation Rates
+ High School--Dual/Concurrent Enrollment
+ High School--Early Colleges/Middle Colleges
+ High School--Exit Exams
+ High School--GED (General Education Development)
+ High School--Graduation Requirements
+ Instructional Approaches
+ Instructional Approaches--Constructivism
+ Instructional Approaches--Grading Practices
+ Instructional Approaches--Homeschooling
+ Instructional Approaches--Homework/Study Skills
+ Instructional Approaches--Official English
+ Instructional Approaches--Problem Based Learning
+ Instructional Approaches--Single-Sex Education
+ Instructional Approaches--Teaching Across Disciplines
+ Instructional Approaches--Time/Time on Task
+ Instructional Approaches--Tracking/Ability Grouping
+ Integrated Services/Full-Service Schools
+ International Baccalaureate
+ International Benchmarking
+ Leadership
+ Leadership--District Superintendent
+ Leadership--District Superintendent--Compensation and Diversified Pay
+ Leadership--Principal/School Leadership
+ Leadership--Principal/School Leadership--Certification and Licensure
+ Leadership--Principal/School Leadership--Compensation and Diversified Pay
+ Leadership--Principal/School Leadership--Evaluation and Effectiveness
+ Leadership--Principal/School Leadership--Induction Programs and Mentoring
+ Leadership--Principal/School Leadership--Preparation
+ Leadership--Principal/School Leadership--Preparation--Alternative
+ Leadership--Principal/School Leadership--Professional Development
+ Leadership--Principal/School Leadership--Recruitment and Retention
+ Leadership--Principal/School Leadership--Tenure
+ Mentoring/Tutoring
+ Middle School
+ Minority/Diversity Issues
+ Minority/Diversity Issues--African American
+ Minority/Diversity Issues--American Indian / Alaska Native / Native Hawaiian
+ Minority/Diversity Issues--Hispanic
+ No Child Left Behind
+ No Child Left Behind--Adequate Yearly Progress
+ No Child Left Behind--Assessment
+ No Child Left Behind--Choice/Transfer
+ No Child Left Behind--Consequences for Schools
+ No Child Left Behind--Finance
+ No Child Left Behind--Parent Involvement
+ No Child Left Behind--Reauthorization Issues/Waivers
+ No Child Left Behind--Report Cards
+ No Child Left Behind--School Support
+ No Child Left Behind--Special Populations
+ No Child Left Behind--Supplemental Services
+ Online Learning--Digital/Blended Learning
+ Online Learning--Virtual Schools/Courses
+ P-16 or P-20
+ P-3
+ P-3 Brain Development
+ P-3 Child Care
+ P-3 Content Standards and Assessment
+ P-3 Data Systems
+ P-3 Early Intervention (0-3)
+ P-3 English Language Learners (ELL)
+ P-3 Ensuring Quality
+ P-3 Evaluation/Economic Benefits
+ P-3 Finance
+ P-3 Governance
+ P-3 Grades 1-3
+ P-3 Health and Mental Health
+ P-3 Kindergarten
+ P-3 Kindergarten--Full-Day Kindergarten
+ P-3 Parent Engagement
+ P-3 Preschool
+ P-3 Public/Private Partnerships
+ P-3 Special Ed./Inclusion
+ P-3 Teaching Quality/Professional Development
+ P-3 Technology
+ Parent/Family
+ Parent/Family--Parent Rights
+ Parent/Family--Research
+ Partnerships--University/School
+ Postsecondary
+ Postsecondary Academic Affairs--AP/IB/Dual Credit
+ Postsecondary Academic Affairs--Competency-Based/PLA
+ Postsecondary Academic Affairs--Developmental/Remediation/Placement
+ Postsecondary Academic Affairs--Transfer/Articulation
+ Postsecondary Accountability
+ Postsecondary Accountability--Accreditation
+ Postsecondary Accountability--Diploma Mills
+ Postsecondary Accountability--Student Learning
+ Postsecondary Affordability
+ Postsecondary Affordability--Financial Aid
+ Postsecondary Affordability--Textbooks
+ Postsecondary Affordability--Tuition/Fees
+ Postsecondary Affordability--Tuition/Fees--Prepd/College Savings Plans
+ Postsecondary Affordability--Tuition/Fees--Undocumented Immigrants
+ Postsecondary Campus Safety/Sexual Assault
+ Postsecondary Faculty
+ Postsecondary Faculty--Compensation
+ Postsecondary Faculty--Intellectual Property
+ Postsecondary Faculty--Teaching Assistants
+ Postsecondary Faculty--Tenure
+ Postsecondary Finance
+ Postsecondary Finance--Efficiencies
+ Postsecondary Finance--Facilities
+ Postsecondary Finance--Performance-Based Funding
+ Postsecondary Finance--Revenue and Expenditures
+ Postsecondary Governance and Structures
+ Postsecondary Governance and Structures--Administrative/Leadership Issues
+ Postsecondary Governance and Structures--Licensing/Program Review and Approval
+ Postsecondary Governance and Structures--Master Plans/State Plans
+ Postsecondary Governance and Structures--State Executives/State Agencies
+ Postsecondary Institutions
+ Postsecondary Institutions--Community/Technical Colleges
+ Postsecondary Institutions--For-Profit/Proprietary
+ Postsecondary Institutions--Four-Year Baccalaureate
+ Postsecondary Institutions--HBCUs/Minority-Serving Institutions
+ Postsecondary Institutions--Private/Independent
+ Postsecondary Online Instruction
+ Postsecondary Participation
+ Postsecondary Participation--Access/Outreach
+ Postsecondary Participation--Admissions/Coursework Requirements
+ Postsecondary Participation--Affirmative Action
+ Postsecondary Students
+ Postsecondary Students--Adults
+ Postsecondary Students--Disabilities/Special Needs
+ Postsecondary Students--Foster Youth
+ Postsecondary Students--Gender
+ Postsecondary Students--Graduate/Professional
+ Postsecondary Students--International
+ Postsecondary Students--Low-Income
+ Postsecondary Students--Military
+ Postsecondary Students--Minority
+ Postsecondary Success
+ Postsecondary Success--Completion
+ Postsecondary Success--Full-Time Incentives
+ Postsecondary Success--Retention/Persistence
+ Private Schools
+ Privatization
+ Privatization--Education Management Organizations (EMOs)
+ Promising Practices
+ Promotion/Retention
+ Public Involvement
+ Purposes of Public Education
+ Reading/Literacy
+ Reading/Literacy--Adult Literacy
+ Religion
+ Religion--Prayer/Meditation
+ Religion--Scientific Creationism (Evolution)
+ Remediation (K-12)
+ Rural
+ Scheduling/School Calendar
+ Scheduling/School Calendar--Day/Class Length
+ Scheduling/School Calendar--Extended Day Programs
+ Scheduling/School Calendar--Summer School
+ Scheduling/School Calendar--Week
+ Scheduling/School Calendar--Year
+ Scheduling/School Calendar--Year Round
+ School Climate/Culture
+ School Safety
+ School Safety--Bullying Prevention/Conflict Resolution
+ School Safety--Corporal Punishment
- School Safety--Discipline/Code of Conduct
UTSigned into law 04/2014P-12Parental Rights and Accountability in Public Education
S.B. 122
Defines "reasonably accommodate". Provides that the parent is primarily responsible for a student's education, and the state is in a secondary and supportive role to the parent. Provides that as such, the parent has a right to reasonable accommodations from th...

VASigned into law 04/2014P-12
Hazing, Institution Policies
S.B. 448
Requires the policies of any public school or public institution of higher education regarding hazing to be consistent with model policies established by the Department of Education or the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, as applicable, and dire...

VASigned into law 02/2014P-12Electronic Cigarettes Prohibited
H.B. 484
Requires each school board to develop and implement a policy to prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes on a school bus, on school property, or at a school-sponsored activity and include in its code of student conduct a prohibition against possessing electro...

CTSigned into law 07/2011P-12Excused and Unexcused Absences
H.B. 6499 - Sec. 16, 18
Sec. 16 - Requires boards of education to provide written notice to parents that unexcused absences could result in a complaint filed with the Superior Court.
Sec. 18 - Requires the State Board of Education to define ''excused absence" and ''unexcused absence...

FLSigned into law 06/2011P-12Student Code of Conduct/Appropriate Dress and Respect For Self
S.B. 228
Requires the district school board to include in the code of student conduct adopted by the board an explanation of the responsibilities of each student with regard to appropriate dress and respect for self and others and the role that appropriate dress and re...

NCSigned into law 06/2011P-12Reorganizes and Clarifies Provisions Relating to School Discipline
H.B. 736
Clarifies the definitions of the following terms: alternative education services; corporal punishment; educational property; explusion; firearm; long-term suspension; parent; destructive device; principal; school official; school personnel; short-term suspensi...

LASigned into law 06/2010P-12Student Bullying and Code of Conduct
H.B. 1458
Each board shall conduct a review of the student code of conduct and amend such code as may be necessary to assure that the policy prohibiting the harassment, intimidation, and bullying of a student by another student specifically addresses the nature, extent,...

WAC 172-120, -121-010, -020, -030, -040, -050, -060, -070, -080,-090, -100, -110, -120, -130, - 140, -200, -210
Revises the standards of conduct for students by repealing the existing conduct code and adopting a new chapter. Clarifies the EWU requirements for student conduct. Streamlines the hearing, disciplinary, and appeals processes.

LASigned into law 06/2008P-12Orientation on Disciplinary Rules and Student Conduct
H.B. 754
Beginning with the 2008-2009 school year, requires the governing authority of an elementary or secondary school to provide every student an orientation during the first five days of the school year regarding school disciplinary rules and student conduct. Provi...

GASigned into law 05/2008P-12Inappropriate Behavior by an Educator
H.B. 1321
Provides that falsifying, misrepresenting, omitting, or erroneously reporting reports of instances of inappropriate behavior by a teacher, administrator or other school employee toward a student must be addressed in the student code of conduct. Directs the Pro...

KYSigned into law 04/2008P-12School Safety
H.B. 91
Requires any school or local board employee who knows or has cause to believe that a student has been the victim of a violation of any felony offense committed by another student on school premises, on school-sponsored transportation, or at a school-sponsored ...

UTAdopted 03/2008P-12Standards for School District Discipline Plans
Provides that all charter schools (and schools if district does not have districtwide plan) must develop a school-wide written model for prevention and intervention for student behavior management and discipline procedures for students who habitually disrupt s...

MDSigned into law 05/2007P-12Student Discipline Guidelines
S.B. 132
Requires the State Board of Education to adopt guidelines governing student discipline; requires local school systems to adopt rules and regulations and implement programs and activities governing student discipline that are consistent with the guidelines esta...

UTSigned into law 03/2007P-12School Discipline and Conduct Amendments
H.B. 286
Clarifies that school discipline and conduct provisions relate to all public schools, including charter schools; provides that it is unlawful to engage in disruptive student behavior; provides for standards, procedures, and administrative penalties to address ...

VASigned into law 03/2007P-12Standards, Assessment, Professional Development & Code of Conduct Updates
S.B. 795
Provides for the phasing out of the eighth grade cumulative history test in the 2007-2008 school year, and the implementation of the United States History to 1877, United States History: 1877 to the Present, and Civics and Economics tests in the 2008-2009 scho...

CAVetoed 09/2006P-12Anti-discrimination and Anti-harassment Policies
A.B. 606
Requires the State Department of Education to develop a model antidiscrimination and antiharassment policy that prohibits such conduct based on specified characteristics, including, but not limited to, actual or perceived gender identity and sexual orientation...

GASigned into law 05/2006P-12Student Codes of Conduct
S.B. 413 Section 4 - 7
Defines 'clubs and organizations' and 'competitive interscholastic activity'. Requires local boards to include information regarding school clubs and organizations in the student code of conduct distributed annually at the beginning of each school year. Requ...

NJRule Adoption 08/2005P-12Programs To Support Student Development
NJAC 6A:16-1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.5 thru 5.8, 6.1 thru 6.3,7.1, 7.2 thru 7.10, 8 thru 11
Establishes and amends requirements for school district boards relating to development and implementation of school safety plans, cooperation with law enforcement on certain matters if they occur at school grounds and functions, development and implementation ...

MESigned into law 06/2005P-12Student Code of Conduct
LD 564
Defines unacceptable student behavior; as including, but not limited to, behavior that negatively affects a student's ability to perform academically or socially, such as: bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, quid pro quo sexual harassment, which is when ...

MSSigned into law 04/2004P-12Code of Student Conduct
H.B. 665
Provides that local school boards shall adopt and make available a code of student conduct; deletes the repeal of a provision that recognizes the teacher as the authority in classroom matters.

WVAdopted 12/2002P-12Code of Conduct STATE ID: 126-99
Title 126, Series 99
The purpose is to provide districts with a policy of student conduct that will ensure an orderly and safe environment that is conducive to learning. These regulations also require that public schools respond immediately and consistently to incidents of harassm...

DERule Adoption 11/2002P-12School/Police Relations
14 DAC 601
Amends regulation regarding school and police relations. Includes charter schools and alternative schools in the requirements of the regulation. Clarifies the list of school crimes that must be reported to the Department of Education. DELAWARE REG 1257 (SN) ht...

FLSigned into law 05/2002P-12Education Code Re-Write: New Section on Student Conduct and Parental Involvement Goals
S.B. 20E
Establishes legislative intent that 1) every K-12 public school student attend school throughout the school year and comply with the school's code of conduct; and 2) parents of every public K-12 student "comply with the school's reasonable and time-acceptable ...

DESigned into law 06/2000P-12School Safety Issues - Bomb Threats
H.B. 512
Adds the Delaware State University Police Department to those covered under Delaware Law as an organized police department with the individual officers having police powers and protection under the Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights., DELAWARE BILL TRACKI...

DESigned into law 06/2000P-12School Safety - Bomb Threats
H.B. 526
Requires school districts to notify students and their parents or custodians of the provisions of the Delaware Code which prohibit falsely reporting bomb threats in schools; prohibits the destruction of school property and disturbing a school in session; estab...

+ School Safety--Emergency Preparedness
+ School Safety--Expulsion/Suspension
+ School Safety--No Child Left Behind--Safe Schools
+ School Safety--Sexual Harassment and Assault
+ School Safety--Special Education
+ School Safety--Uniforms/Dress Codes
+ School/District Structure/Operations
+ School/District Structure/Operations--District Consolidation/Deconsolidation
+ School/District Structure/Operations--District Size
+ School/District Structure/Operations--Facilities
+ School/District Structure/Operations--Food Service
+ School/District Structure/Operations--Libraries
+ School/District Structure/Operations--Org. (K-3/K-8 etc.)
+ School/District Structure/Operations--Personnel (Non-Teaching)
+ School/District Structure/Operations--School Size
+ School/District Structure/Operations--Shared Services
+ School/District Structure/Operations--Staffing Ratios
+ School/District Structure/Operations--Transportation
+ Service-Learning
+ Social/Emotional Learning and Non-Cognitive Skills
+ Special Education
+ Special Education--Federal Law/Regulations
+ Special Education--Finance
+ Special Education--Inclusion (Mainstreaming)
+ Special Education--Placement
+ Special Education--Transition
+ Special Populations
+ Special Populations--Corrections Education
+ Special Populations--Foster Care
+ Special Populations--Gifted and Talented
+ Special Populations--Homeless Education
+ Special Populations--Immigrant Education
+ Special Populations--Migrant Education
+ Special Populations--Military
+ Standards
+ Standards--Implementation
+ State Comparisons/Statistics
+ State Longitudinal Data Systems
+ State Policymaking
+ State Policymaking--Ballot Questions
+ State Policymaking--Constitutional Clauses
+ State Policymaking--Task Forces/Commissions
+ Student Achievement
+ Student Achievement--Closing the Achievement Gap
+ Student Surveys
+ Students
+ Students--Employment
+ Students--Incentives
+ Students--K-12 Exchange Students
+ Students--Mobility
+ Students--Records/Rights
+ Teaching Quality
+ Teaching Quality--Certification and Licensure
+ Teaching Quality--Certification and Licensure--Alternative
+ Teaching Quality--Certification and Licensure--Assessment
+ Teaching Quality--Certification and Licensure--Assignment
+ Teaching Quality--Certification and Licensure--Highly Qualified Teachers
+ Teaching Quality--Certification and Licensure--Natl. Bd. for Prof. Teach. Stds.
+ Teaching Quality--Certification and Licensure--Special Education
+ Teaching Quality--Certification and Licensure--State Prof. Standards Bds.
+ Teaching Quality--Certification and Licensure--Substitute Teachers
+ Teaching Quality--Compensation and Diversified Pay
+ Teaching Quality--Compensation and Diversified Pay--Pay-for-Performance
+ Teaching Quality--Compensation and Diversified Pay--Retirement/Benefits
+ Teaching Quality--Evaluation and Effectiveness
+ Teaching Quality--Induction Programs and Mentoring
+ Teaching Quality--Paraprofessionals
+ Teaching Quality--Preparation
+ Teaching Quality--Professional Development
+ Teaching Quality--Recruitment and Retention
+ Teaching Quality--Recruitment and Retention--At-Risk Schools
+ Teaching Quality--Recruitment and Retention--High-Needs Subjects
+ Teaching Quality--Reduction in Force
+ Teaching Quality--Teacher Attitudes
+ Teaching Quality--Teacher Contracts (Not Tenure)
+ Teaching Quality--Teacher Rights
+ Teaching Quality--Tenure or Continuing Contract
+ Teaching Quality--Unions/Collective Bargaining
+ Teaching Quality--Unions/Collective Bargaining--Strikes
+ Teaching Quality--Working Conditions
+ Technology
+ Technology--Devices/Software/Hardware
+ Technology--Equitable Access
+ Technology--Funding Issues
+ Technology--Internet Safety
+ Technology--Research/Evaluation
+ Technology--Teacher/Faculty Training
+ Textbooks and Open Source
+ Urban
+ Urban--Change/Improvements
+ Urban--Governance
+ Whole-School Reform Models
+ Youth Engagement