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What States Are Doing
Selected Research & Readings

Collaboration in Nevada’s Rural and Urban Schools MS Word - The school districts in the state of Nevada present conflicting conditions -- a fast-growing urban district amidst rural districts that are losing students. This diversity has been addressed by the legislature, as well as district leaders to create noteworthy examples of rural/urban school district collaboration. (Robert C. McCord, State Education Leader, Education Commission of the States, Winter 2001)...

Why Rural Matters 2009: State and Regional Challenges and Opportunities - This is the fifth in a biennial series analyzing the contexts and conditions of rural education in each of the states and calling attention to the need for policymakers to address rural education issues in their respective states. (Jerry Johnson and Marty Strange, The Rural School and Community Trust, January 2010)...

Higher Education in Michigan: Overcoming Challenges to Expand Access - This study focuses on three geographically diverse areas of Michigan: a suburban county, a large city, and six rural counties in the northeastern Lower Peninsula. Some consistent patterns were found: (1)The state's residents have found it increasingly difficult to succeed with a college degree; (2) It is extremely important to expand access to postsecondary education for the state's economic future; (3) In all three areas examined, barriers make it difficult for low-income and minority residents to earn a college degree. Recommendations include addressing college access at the state level; establish better and new relationships between two- and four-year institutions; develop better transportation systems; and expand healthcare and medical training to position Michigan as a leader in the industry. (Alisa Cunningham, Wendy Erisman and Shannon Loney, Institute for Higher Education Policy, March 2008)...

Why Rural Matters 2007 - This report - the fourth in a series of biennial reports - analyzes the importance of rural education in each of the 50 states and calls attention to the urgency with which policymakers in each state should address rural education issues. (The Rural School and Community Trust, 2007)...

Total Free and Reduced Price Lunch Enrollment by State and Locale, for Rural Schools, School Year 1998-99 MS Word - Multistate compilations (Imin Hung, National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education, March 2001)...

The Rural Bellwether: A Survey of State Roles in Maintaining Rural Schools MS Word - This article provides a concise overview of the issues and challenges many states face with rural education, as well as examples of how many states are addressing the problem. In 22 states, more than half of all rural schools lost students between the 1994-95 and 1997-98 school years. Iowa, Nebraska, Kentucky, Minnesota -– to name a few –- have initiated legislation or policies that expand access and opportunities to rural students, and that enhance recruitment and retention of teachers. (Kathy Christie, Stateline, Phi Delta Kappan, February 2001. Reprinted with permission.)...

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