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Are Parents and Students Ready for More Math and Science? - Many business, education and government leaders have recently been advocating for major education reform, particularly as it pertains to improving mathematics and science achievement in the nation's schools. This report examines results from a recent survey of the attitudes of parents and students in public schools, with accompanying charts examining results in the following areas: (1) just how much harder should high school be, (2) are the problems social or academic, (3) many parents are complacent about science and math education, (4) many students are lukewarm to math and science, (5) are high school girls less interested and (6) minority students see math and science as essential. (Jean Johnson, Ana Maria Arumi, Amber Ott and Michael Hamill, Public Agenda, January 2006)...

Courses Count: Preparing Students for Postsecondary Success - This study examines high school course sequences that lead to or enhance college readiness, and reports the numbers of students completing specified course patterns, both overall and disaggregated by gender and race. The authors cite three reasons why too many students entering college need remediation: (1) varying courses and course combinations make quite different contributions to postsecondary readiness; (2) students too often fail to take the courses and course sequences that help most in postsecondary readiness; and (3) insufficient rigor in the high school curriculum results in inadequate preparation for college success. The report offers these policy recommendations: (1) increase postsecondary readiness by requiring all students to take specific college preparatory course sequences in English, math, science and foreign language; and (2) improve the rigor of high school coursework with a greater focus on in-depth content coverage and considerably greater secondary-to-postsecondary curriculum alignment. See the summary in our ...

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