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CTE Dual Enrollment: A Strategy for College Completion and Workforce Investment PDF - Dual enrollment programs are expanding -- and so are dual enrollment programs with a career and technical education (CTE) focus. The most recent data available from the National Center on Education Statistics show that 82 percent of high schools had students enrolling in dual enrollment coursework in 2010-11. Research makes it clear that CTE dual enrollment courses improve outcomes for traditionally underserved students. (Jennifer Dounay Zinth, ECS, March 2014)...

Increasing Student Success in Dual Enrollment Programs: 13 Model State-Level Policy Components - ECS identified 13 model state-level policy components that may increase student participation and success in dual enrollment programs. These components fall under four broad categories: access, finance, ensuring course quality and transferability of credit. Examples of state laws containing these components are incorporated throughout this report. (Jennifer Dounay Zinth, ECS, February 2014)...

From the ECS State Policy Database: High School--Dual/Concurrent Enrollment - This policy database—updated weekly—is made possible by your state's fiscal support of the Education Commission of the States....

State-Level Policy Landscape and Policy Developments PDF - These PowerPoint slides, presented as part of an American Youth Policy Forum (AYPF) webinar Dual Enrollment: Latest Research and Policy Development, sets forth four broad policy areas states must address to ensure program quality and access, as well as 13 key policy elements under those four areas. The presentation also identifies current trends in state dual enrollment policymaking, and drivers for recent state policy activity. (Jennifer Dounay Zinth, ECS, June 2012)...

2011 NACEP National Conference - This PowerPoint identifies 13 elements of a comprehensive state dual enrollment policy. (PDF, 741K, 10/11)...

Dual Enrollment - This database provides 50-state information on 17 policy components related to program quality, funding and access. (Jennifer Dounay Zinth, Education Commission of the States, December 2013)...

Dual Enrollment: Policy Issues Confronting State Policymakers MS Word PDF - A growing number of policymakers in the states see dual enrollment as a way to increase college access and success. This policy brief provides background information about dual enrollment and summarizes the research surrounding the issue. Examples of state dual enrollment programs and a list of policy considerations are also included. (Carl Krueger, Education Commission of the States, March 2006)...

Dual enrollment: A strategy to improve college-going and college completion among rural students - Research shows that students who participate in dual enrollment are more likely than their peers to finish high school, enter college and complete a degree. This means dual enrollment can greatly benefit students in rural areas, which report lower college-going and postsecondary attainment rates than other locales. (Jennifer Dounay Zinth, ECS, June 2014) ...

Promoting Quality: State Strategies for Overseeing Dual Enrollment Programs - Report documents the strategies six states employ to ensure that college courses offered to high school students are of the same high quality and rigor as courses offered to matriculated college students. The report also highlights the main approaches used by these states to encourage colleges and universities to align their dual enrollment programs with state and national quality standards. Case studies included in the report describe strategies utilized in Florida, Illinois, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah and Virginia. (Adam Lowe, National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships, October 2010)...

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