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The National Center for Learning and Citizenship

  • $39.5 million: Annual federal funding for Learn and Serve America programs (2011).
  • $0.00: Annual federal funding for Learn and Serve America programs (2012).
  • 82: Percentage of students enrolled in service-learning who say their feelings about attending high school become more positive as a result of service-learning.
  • 42: Number of states that mention service-learning in state policy.
  • 18: Number of states that award credit toward graduation for service-learning.
  • 21: Number of states that have adopted policy stating that student engagement is positively affected by participation in service-learning.
  • 18: Number of states that tie service-learning/community service to student achievement.
  • 25: Percentage of higher education institutions that have adopted service-learning programs.
  • 50: Percentage of community colleges that have adopted service-learning programs.
  • 82: Percentage of all students who say they would definitely or probably enroll in service-learning classes if they were offered at their school.

Service-Learning Statistics MS Word - Two recent surveys of service-learning examined student participation across the country and how K-12 schools integrate these activities into the curriculum. The data point to a dramatic increase in the number of students engaged in service as part of their academic program. (State Education Leader, Education Commission of the States, Fall 1999)...

Education Statistics Quarterly - According to a 1999 survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Education, 64% of all public schools and 83% of all public high schools organize some form of community service for their students. Nearly one-third of all schools and half of public schools provide service-learning programs, which link service and the school curriculum. (National Center for Education Statistics, 1999)...

Student Participation in Community Service Activity - Based on studies of school-based service-learning programs, the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse reports about 12 million K-12 students taking part in service and service-learning. (1) Number of middle school students doing service and service-learning – over 5 million, (2) Number of high-school students doing service and service-learning – over 6 million (3) Number of middle school students doing service-learning – over 2.5 million, and (4) Growth in number of students engaged in high school service-learning between 1984 – 1997 – 3.663%. (National Center for Education Statistics, 1997) ...

The Impacts of Service-Learning on Youth, Schools and Communities: Research on K-12 School-Based Service-Learning, 1990-1999 - RMC Research has developed a synthesis of the past 10 years research of service-learning and its impacts on young people’s personal and social development, academic learning and career aspirations, civic responsibility and impacts on schools and communities. (Learning in Deed, 1999)...

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