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From the ECS State Policy Database: Service-Learning - This policy database—updated weekly—is made possible by your state's fiscal support of the Education Commission of the States....

State Policies on Service-Learning PDF - An update of state policies on service-learning showed that only Maryland and the District of Columbia require high school students to complete a specified number of hours in a service-learning or community-service activity to graduate. The policy scan was conducted to determine the degree to which service-learning has been institutionalized in the states. (Jennifer Thomsen, ECS, January 2014)...

High-Quality Service-Learning Opens the Door for Students’ Entry into STEM Fields PDF - Based on a project that examined 19 schools, NCLC has gathered information on the relationship between STEM-focused service-learning and student interest and performance in STEM-related courses and careers. The findings of this evaluation suggest that STEM-related service-learning is a powerful tool for schools to use to drive student performance and interest in STEM fields. (Paul Baumann, ECS, May 2013)...

NCLC Schools of Success Network Shows that Service-Learning Quality Matters PDF - A new report about the National Center for Learning and Citizenship's Schools of Success program clearly points to at least one simple and clear conclusion: The quality of service-learning matters. Robust data from 19 schools across the country show that high-quality service-learning has a significant and positive relationship with students' academic engagement, educational aspirations, acquisition of 21st century skills, and community engagement. (Paul Baumann, ECS, November 2012) ...

Service-Learning After Learn and Serve America: How Five States Are Moving Forward PDF - The elimination of funding for Learn and Serve America coupled with state budget shortfalls has prompted a transition period for the service-learning field. Advocates across the country are choosing to move beyond the devastating budget cut and seize the opportunity to refocus efforts to expand high-quality service-learning. This set of case studies aims to highlight policy and practice in several states where service-learning experts are designing and implementing agendas to maintain and advance statewide service-learning initiatives with no federal aid and no new state aid. ...

State Policies for Service-Learning/Community Service Database - This database contains information about the state policies that support service-learning/community service in all 50 states. (Education Commission of the States)...

Learning That Lasts Field Guide PDF - The Learning That Lasts Field Guide is a new companion guide to Learning That Lasts: How Service-Learning Can Become an Integral Part of Schools, States and Communities. The Field Guide provides specific strategies to move service-learning from the margin to the mainstream in American schools. (Education Commission of the States, 2005)...

Service-Learning in Maine: A Guide to Quality Service-Learning - This implementation guide offers Maine educators a clear start in making service-learning an integral part of the learning experience. It details what high-quality service-learning is and why it improves student outcomes. It also provides an instructional planning guide and resources for educators. (Maine Service Commission)...

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