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State Funding Programs for High-Cost Special Education Students MS Word PDF - In this country, approximately six million public school students receive special education services. Of these six million students, approximately 300,000 could be defined as "high need" or "high cost" students. This ECS StateNote presents the results of a survey of 12 states' high-cost special education policies to determine how each state defines special education students as being "high-cost" and what, if any, additional funding is provided to districts to address their funding need. (Mike Griffith, Education Commission of the States, May 2008)...

Examples of State Approaches To Special Education Finance MS Word - Descriptions of how some states have chosen to incorporate the higher cost of educating a special education student into their financing formulas. (Molly Burke, Education Commission of the States, October 2003)...

State Special Education Finance Systems, 1999-2000 Part II: Special Education Revenues and Expenditures - This companion report to State Special Education Finance Systems, 1999-2000: Part I provides state-level estimates of the total amounts of revenues and spending on these services from state, local and federal funds from 1994-95 through 1998-99. (Thomas Parrish, Jenifer Harr, Jean Wolman, Jennifer Anthony, Amy Merickel and Phil Esra, Center for Special Education Finance, March 2004)...

State Special Education Finance Systems, 1999-2000: Part I - This report summarizes results from the Center for Special Education Finance/National Association of State Directors of Special Education survey, describing state systems for financing special education services for school-age children with disabilities during the 1999-2000 school year. Survey data from all 50 states are included in this report, with all but four states (Georgia, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and South Dakota) providing updated information. For these four states, data from the 1994-95 CSEF state survey are included in this report when available. (Thomas Parrish, Jenifer Harr, Jennifer Anthony, Amy Merickel, and Phil Esra, The Center for Special Education Finance, May 2003)...

The Patterns of Services Provided to Students with Disabilities - This case study of Massachusetts was undertaken to help the state determine whether its special education program, adopted in 1993, had a finance system that was both fair and equitable. (Jay G. Chambers, Center for Special Education Finance, Palo Alto, California, September 1998)...

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