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State Funding for Students with Disabilities: 50-State Reports on Funding for Students with Disabilities - This database contains information about states' primary funding mechanisms for students with disabilities. It includes an interactive map, with each state's choice of funding: formula, categorical or reimbursement funding. From the database, you can generate profiles of states' funding mechanisms and view 50-state reports by data point. (Maria Millard and Stephanie Aragon, Education Commission of the States, June 2015)...

State funding for students with disabilities - This 50-state review focuses on states’ primary funding mechanisms for students with disabilities. It clarifies strengths and weaknesses of these mechanisms and provides other funding considerations. Tables at the end of the brief offer a 50-state comparison. (Maria Millard & Stephanie Aragon, ECS, June 2015)...

From the ECS State Policy Database: Special Education--Finance - This policy database—updated weekly—is made possible by your state's fiscal support of the Education Commission of the States....

Special Education in New Orleans: Juggling Flexibility, Reinvention, and Accountability in the Nation's Most Decentralized School System - New Orleans is the first city in the nation to tackle special education on fiscal, human capital, and program fronts in the context of a full-choice public education landscape. Researchers conducted a preliminary analysis of the city's efforts to make finance and enrollment policies more equitable, create citywide financial supports for high-cost students, boost special ed teachers' and leaders' capacity, foster innovation and offer grants. (Lynn Schnaiberg and Robin Lake, CRPE, January 2015)...

Financing Special Education: State Funding Formulas - The goal of this study was to determine each state's current formula for providing state aid for special education and to gather related information about state fiscal support for special education. Each state responded to the survey. A complete list of state funding formulas for 2008-09 can be found in the report. (Eileen Aheam, Project Forum, National Association of State Directors of Special Education, April 2010)...

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