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The Impact of Mentoring on Teacher Retention: What the Research Says MS Word PDF - This report’s primary objective is to provide policymakers, educators and researchers with a reliable assessment of what is known, and not known, about the effectiveness of teacher induction programs. In particular, this review focuses on the impact of induction and mentoring programs on teacher retention. (Richard Ingersoll and Jeffrey Kralik, ECS, February 2004)...

Report on the Teacher Needs Survey - Pre-K through 12th-grade teachers want more preparation in classroom management and instructional skills, according to this nationwide survey. According to the more than 2,300 responses received, teachers want help with classroom management in areas including student safety in classrooms and dealing with students' negative or disruptive behaviors. Teachers also want help with instructional skills, such as promoting critical thinking and motivating students to learn. Novice teachers, in particular, expressed a strong need for assistance. New teachers, those most likely to leave the profession, are seeking instructional strategies to serve the wide range of achievement levels students bring to the same classroom. Survey respondents indicated a preference for receiving professional development in the form of online courses or small in-district workshops, rather than larger regional workshops. (American Psychological Association, August 2006) ...

Recruiting and Retaining Teachers for Hard-to-Staff Schools - Although states have maintained a focus on recruiting and retaining teachers, many schools and districts still face daunting challenges in ensuring a qualified and competent teaching corps. States are experimenting with numerous strategies for recruiting and retaining teachers, and some of them are trying particularly to help hard-to-staff schools. This issue brief suggests strategies to help meet the needs of chronically hard-to-staff schools and retain quality teachers. It recommends governors should consider short- and long-term efforts to: (1) evaluate and assess current strategies by collecting, analyzing, and using better data; (2) offer a flexible package of financial incentives to meet different local needs, possibly including substantial changes to traditional pay structures; (3) track, analyze, and improve teacher working conditions, including ensuring strong school leadership, time for teachers to develop their teaching craft, and sufficient materials and resources to teach effectively; and (4) improve preparation and support for beginning teachers. Also included are specific examples of retention practices from several states. (Barnett Berry and Eric Hirsch, NGA Center for Best Practices, 2005)...

Is There Really a Teacher Shortage? - This report summarizes research investigating the possibility that there are other factors behind school staffing problems besides a shortage of teachers. Using data from the Schools and Staffing Survey and its supplement, the Teacher Followup Survey, conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics, the authors find school staffing problems are primarily due to a "revolving door" – where large numbers of qualified teachers depart their jobs for reasons other than retirement. The data show that the amount of turnover accounted for by retirement is relatively minor compared to other factors such as teacher job dissatisfaction and teachers pursuing other jobs. This report concludes: these issues must be addressed, and teacher recruitment programs alone will not solve the staffing problem. (Richard M. Ingersoll, Center for the Study of Teaching and Policy, The Consortium for Policy Research in Education, September 2003)...

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