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2012 State of the State Addresses: Governors' Top Education Issues PDF - This analysis highlights the education issues prioritized by governors and the mayor of Washington, D.C. in their 2012 state of the state addresses. The state leaders explained that increasing the quality and availability of education, from preschool through postsecondary, was essential to recovering from the recession, spurring economic growth, remaining competitive, and to the health and well-being of each state's citizens. Top issues include Finance (K-12 & Postsecondary), Teaching Quality, Postsecondary Affordability/Access, School Choice, Workforce Development, Early Learning (P-3), and Reading and Literacy....

Teacher Tenure or Continuing Contract Laws PDF - More state legislatures are beginning to embed teacher performance evaluation in decisions to grant tenure or to explicitly state the terms of contracts. And an increasing number of states are distinguishing between renewal at the end of a teacher’s contract and dismissal during the term of a contract. This document updates ECS’ 50-state look at teacher tenure and continuing contract laws....

Initial Findings and Major Questions About HOUSSE MS Word - The “high objective uniform state standard of evaluation,” or HOUSSE, is a key component to the definition of a highly qualified teacher. It is a system through which existing teachers can demonstrate knowledge of their subject area without necessarily having to undertake further training or take a test. This policy brief summarizes initial findings and trends from ECS' state policy HOUSSE database. (Jennifer Azordegan, Education Commission of the States, January 2004) ...

Teacher Evaluation MS Word - Multistate analyses of teacher evaluation policies. (Education Commission of the States, September 1997)...

2010 State Teacher Policy Yearbook: Blueprint for Change - As a companion to last year's comprehensive state-by-state analysis, the 2010 edition provides each state with an individualized Blueprint for Change. Key policy areas such as teacher preparation, evaluation, tenure, dismissal and alternative certification are included in the blueprint. A reader has the option of selecting a state and downloading the individualized report and viewing the overall results for the nation. (National Council on Teacher Quality, 2010)...

2009 State Teacher Policy Yearbook - The National Council on Teacher Quality's third annual review of state laws, rules and regulations is a comprehensive analysis of the full range of each state's teacher policies, measured against a realistic blueprint for reform. The online Yearbook provides a road map to the Race to the Top, addressing key policy areas such as teacher preparation, evaluation, alternative certification and compensation. After viewing the findings, it is clear that states have a great deal of work to do in order to ensure that every child has an effective teacher. The Yearbook has been customized so that each state has its own report, with its own analyses and data. Users can download any of our 51 state reports. (National Council on Teacher Quality, 2009)...

Everyone's Doing it, But What Does Teacher Testing Tell Us About Teacher Effectiveness? - This paper explores the relationship between teacher testing and teacher effectiveness using a unique dataset from North Carolina that links teachers to their individual students. The report finds a small positive relationship between teacher licensure tests and student achievement. The findings also suggest that states face significant tradeoffs when they require particular performance levels as a precondition to becoming a teacher, as "some teachers whom we might wish were not in the teacher workforce based on their contribution toward student achievement are eligible to teach based on their performance on these tests, while other individuals who would be effective teachers are ineligible." (Dan Goldhaber, Center for Reinventing Public Education, April 2006) ...

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