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 What States Are Doing
 Selected Research & Readings

Redesigned Teacher Compensation Database - In 2006 ECS created an interactive online database with research on a number of redesigned teacher compensation programs. Although this database is not an exhaustive collection of redesigned teacher compensation programs, a diverse array of program types and elements have been included....

Getting Good Leaders into Hard-to-Staff Schools MS Word PDF - This paper provides examples of legislation and programs aimed at recruiting and retaining education leaders in "hard-to-staff" and "in-need" primary and secondary schools. (John Hancock,Education Commission of the States, October 2005)...

State Incentive Policies for Recruiting and Retaining Effective New Teachers in Hard-to-Staff Schools MS Word PDF - Education policy researchers have been predicting a major teacher shortage for the past two decades. Schools throughout the United States are experiencing a mismatch between teacher demand and teacher supply. No matter the reason, it is clear that schools are experiencing shortages in both specific subject areas and in geographic regions. (Kate France and Susie Bachler, Education Commission of the States, August 2002)...

Teacher Recruitment/Retention MS Word - States are creating a variety of policies focused on recruiting quality teacher candidates from both traditional and innovative sources. This multistate compilation offers brief descriptions of recruitment legislation and programs in several states. (Wendy Wyman, Education Commission of the States, updated December 2000)...

2009 State Teacher Policy Yearbook - The National Council on Teacher Quality's third annual review of state laws, rules and regulations is a comprehensive analysis of the full range of each state's teacher policies, measured against a realistic blueprint for reform. The online Yearbook provides a road map to the Race to the Top, addressing key policy areas such as teacher preparation, evaluation, alternative certification and compensation. After viewing the findings, it is clear that states have a great deal of work to do in order to ensure that every child has an effective teacher. The Yearbook has been customized so that each state has its own report, with its own analyses and data. Users can download any of our 51 state reports. (National Council on Teacher Quality, 2009)...

Every Child Deserves Our Best Teachers: Recommendations from North Carolina's National Board Certified Teachers on How to Support and Staff High-Needs Schools - This report contains recommendations from North Carolina's National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) on how to support and staff high-needs schools. Beyond financial incentives, a comprehensive approach is recommended that takes into account the working conditions that North Carolina's NBCTs say are necessary to attract, promote, and sustain quality teaching in a school, including: (1) skillful administrators; (2) sufficient curriculum resources; (3) a high quality, results-driven professional development program; and (4) the time for teachers to reflect collaboratively on student data and their own teaching practice. (Barnett Berry and Bill Ferriter, National Education Association and the Center for Teaching Quality, 2006)...

Broadening Pension Portability for Public School Teachers through Interstate Reciprocity: Survey of Current Statutes and Model Legislation - The National Council on Teacher Retirement recently surveyed 70 of its members, of which 43 responded, relative to interstate reciprocity, including the use of pension reciprocity. The report also looks at model legislation in Louisiana, Missouri, New York and Rhode Island. (National Council on Teacher Retirement, August 2003)...

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