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Pay for Performance Proposals in Race to the Top Round II Applications PDF - The Education Commission of the States reviewed all 36 Race to the Top (RttT) Round II applications. Each of the 36 states that applied for Round II funding referenced pay for performance under the heading of "Improving teacher and principal effectiveness based on performance." The majority of states outlined pay for performance initiatives to be implemented upon receipt of RttT funds. Key takeaways from the 36 applications are reviewed in this paper. (Stephanie Rose, July 2010)...

Diversifying Teacher Compensation PDF - Aimed at policymakers intrigued by the idea of moving teacher pay beyond the single salary schedule, this joint ECS/Teaching Commission issue paper provides an overview of the research on such a shift; key findings and questions from previous experiences; an overview of some recent attempts to diversify teacher pay; and a comparison and detailed summaries of four leading programs and proposals at the district and school levels. (Azordegan, Byrnett, Campbell, Greenman and Coulter, Education Commission of the States, November 2005)...

Teacher Pay Reforms – The Political Implications of Recent Research - This report discusses the importance of teacher compensation reform as a building block for improving teaching quality. It elaborates on the difficulties of creating reform that will be accepted by unions and teachers, and questions the ability to gauge teaching quality by achievement testing. The report’s conclusions include recommendations like pay reform should start at the state level, and states should begin with “pay experiments” that should be individually evaluated. (Dan Goldhaber, Center for American Progress, December 2006) ...

Better Pay for Better Teaching: Making Teacher Compensation Pay Off in the Age of Accountability - America’s teacher pay system is long due for an overhaul, argues the author of this paper. While making clear that teacher compensation is no “silver bullet” to move beyond teacher quality challenges, he suggests that changes to the pay structure are necessary to draw desirable individuals into the teaching force and to encourage better teaching and proposes four reformed teacher compensation models and examples. (Bryan C. Hassel, Progressive Policy Institute, May 2002)...

The Competitive Disadvantage: Teacher Compensation in Rural America - This issue brief examines the latest data and research regarding rural teacher compensation and suggests policy directions that can help guarantee that all rural classrooms are staffed with a highly qualified teacher. (Lorna Jimerson, The Rural Schools and Community Trust, March 2003)...

Recruiting and Retaining Teachers with Alternative Pay - The results of this study suggest the alternative pay system in Douglas County, Colorado, helps the district retain qualified teachers, but does not help the district attract qualified teachers. (Robert Reichardt and Rebecca Van Buhler, Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning, February 2003)...

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