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From the ECS State Policy Database: Teaching Quality--Preparation - This policy database—updated weekly—is made possible by your state's fiscal support of the Education Commission of the States....

Teacher Prep Review 2014: A Review of the Nation's Teacher Preparation Programs - While the United States is taking a harder look at how its teacher preparation schools are improving teacher quality, more needs to be done to expand the pool of teachers prepared to meet classroom challenges, according to this ranking of teacher prep programs. The ranking includes alternative programs which generally were rated low except for Teach for America. Of the 1,668 programs (housed in 836 institutions) ranked in the Review, only 26 elementary programs and 81 secondary programs made the list of top ranked. (Julie Greenberg, Kate Walsh and Arthur McKee, NCTQ, June 2014)...

Overview of 2011-12 Teacher Preparation Programs in Lousiana (Exec. Sum.) - All teacher preparation programs in Louisiana have undergone redesign during 2001-2010 to address more rigorous state teacher certification and program requirements to produce effective new teachers. An Annual Report for Teacher Preparation provides the public with relevant information about the performance of new and redesigned teacher preparation programs delivered by public universities, private universities, and private providers in Louisiana. (Louisiana Board of Regents, May 2013)...

Preparing and Credentialing the Nation's Teachers: The Secretary's Ninth Report on Teacher Quality - The ninth report on teacher quality, a compilation of information required by Title II of the Higher Education Act of 1965. States must report annually on elements of their teacher preparation programs and requirements for credentialing, K-12. Print selectively: 439 pages. (U.S. Department of Education, April 2013)...

2012 State Teacher Policy Yearbook: Improving Teacher Preparation National Summary - While states are in the throes of crafting teacher evaluations, this is a look at how those states can better produce effective teachers in the first place. It provides state policymakers with a framework for teacher preparation that includes making sure new teachers can teach to the Common Core State Standards, that they have good content knowledge of the subjects they will teach, that they student teach with a mentor who has proven to be effective. (National Council on Teacher Quality, January 2013)...

Do States Have Certification Requirements for Preparing General Education Teachers to Teach Students with Disabilities? Experience in the Northeast and Islands Region - This report examines how the nine states and territories served by the Regional Education Laboratory Northeast and Islands prepare their general education teachers to teach students with disabilities. The authors find that eight of the nine jurisdictions require some coursework in teaching students with disabilities for initial licensure of general education teachers. The report identifies eight special education content areas that one or more states and territories in the region require teachers to study, and describes commonalities and differences in state certification requirements for general education teachers to teach students with disabilities. (Regional Education Laboratory Northeast and Islands, IES, July 2010)...

Evaluating the Fundamentals of Teacher Training Programs in Texas--Executive Summary - In the course of a two-year study of 67 education schools in Texas, much was learned about the policies at these institutions, as well as how these policies play out in practice, particularly in the coursework requirements that indicate whether a teacher has been adequately prepared. Among the findings: (1) The most consistent feature of teacher education in Texas is the lack of consistency; (2) Regulation and monitoring of education schools comes up short; (3) In spite of relatively strong regulatory policy the content preparation of Texas teachers is inadequate; (4) A high value is placed on "edu-tainment" at the expense of rigor and intellectual engagement; and (5) An inattention to output data suggets too little reflection on program improvement. (Julie Greenberg and Kate Walsh, National Council on Teacher Quality, April 2010)...

Value Added Teacher Preparation Assessment Overview of 2007-08 Study - Five years of work has occurred as state leaders, research teams, university/district partners and national experts worked together to develop and implement Louisiana's Value Added Teacher Preparation Assessment. Louisiana is now at a point where it is possible to use an additional performance measure that extends beyond license test scores, surveys and the number of completers to assess the effectiveness of new teachers from the state's teacher preparation programs. (George Noell and Jeanne Burns, Louisiana Board of Regents, January 2009)...

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