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At-Risk (incl. Dropout Prevention)What States Are Doing (Additional Resources)
What States Are Doing
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At-Risk (incl. Dropout Prevention)--Drugs/Alcohol
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Funding Systems of At-Risk Programs in Randomly Selected States MS Word PDF - The following two tables describe the funding systems of at-risk programs in 19 randomly selected states. The data in the first table indicate if a state includes funding for at-risk programs in the state's foundation formula and how students are identified. The second table lists the various programs in these states, the level of funding and how students are deemed eligible. (Michael Griffith, Education Commission of the States, January 2002)...

At-Risk Student Intervention Implementation Guide: A Comprehensive Resource For Identifying Programs to Help Decrease South Carolina's School Dropout Population - This guide is designed to provide educators with the tools needed to address “at-risk” student populations. Programs have been placed into exemplary or promising tiers, based on the National Dropout Prevention Center’s strategies and external research assessments. The intent of the matrix is to give educators a starting point for decisionmaking relative to the model(s) that might best address the needs of a particular district/school. (The Education and Economic Development Coordinating Council At-Risk Student Committee, 2007)...

Caring Trumps Compliance MS Word - In recent years, states have increasingly focused attention on reducing the achievement gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students. This article reviews legislation and policies enacted in several states related to at-risk students. The author warns of the danger that the mandate – not the child – will become the center of attention. (Kathy Christie, "Stateline," Phi Delta Kappan, March 1, 2002)...

Nevada’s Remedial Education Programs MS Word - This report summarizes the state and federal funding made available specifically to Nevada's schools and districts for remediation purposes, including Title I, remediation for at-risk pupils, comprehensive school reform demonstration and remediation for low-perfoming schools. (Nevada Legislative Counsel Bureau Staff, February 2001)...

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