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Getting Good Leaders into Hard-to-Staff Schools MS Word PDF - This paper provides examples of legislation and programs aimed at recruiting and retaining education leaders in "hard-to-staff" and "in-need" primary and secondary schools. (John Hancock,Education Commission of the States, October 2005)...

Mentor Programs for Leaders: A Policy Scan MS Word PDF - This ECS StateNote provides examples of statewide mentoring and internship programs for K-12 school leaders and examines recent trends in the states. (John Hancock, Education Commission of the States, October 2005)...

The First Ring Leadership Academy: A Multidistrict Model for Developing, Sharing and Supporting Leadership Talent PDF - Established in 2003, the First Ring Leadership Academy serves 13 school districts surrounding Cleveland, Ohio, that collectively serve over 73,000 students and their families. The academy has achieved remarkable success with the "homegrown" approach to school leadership preparation in an area with challenges traditionally faced by inner-city districts, including high student mobility, poverty, an achievement gap and a principal shortage. This brief examines the academy, discussing the academy's key elements, what superintendents can learn from the academy, what policymakers can do to support similar programs and more. (Katy Anthes and Arika Long, Education Commission of the States, October 2005)...

State Policy Scan on Distributed Leadership Structures in Education MS Word PDF - This ECS StateNote is a glance at what states are doing or considering regarding distributed leadership, which can refer to a variety of ways of delegating responsibilities for instructional leadership, staff development and staff mentorship. (Katy Anthes, Education Commission of the States, March 2003)...

Increasingly, the Principal is a Newcomer - Two out of every three principals in the New York public schools had less than five years of experience on the job in 2001. This article examines the consequences of what Schools Chancellor Harold O. Levy calls the largest number of inexperienced leaders in New York’s history. State officials worry that as new principals learn the ropes, standardized test scores and parental involvement may drop. The article states that the shortage of experienced principals is driven in part by the retirement of the generation of principals born in or just before the baby boom, a group that has been in the spine of the nation’s school systems. (Lynette Holloway, The New York Times, October 2, 2001)...

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