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 What States Are Doing
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Rising Scores on State Tests and NAEP - The authors listed the following three points as their main findings: (1) Since 2005, test scores have increased in most states with sufficient data; (2) Within the same state, trends on NAEP usually moved in the same direction as trends on state tests; (3) Gains on state tests tended to be larger in size than gains on NAEP. Naomi Chudowsky and Victor Chudowsky, Center on Education Policy, September 2010) Document must be accessed from CEP home page as no direct link available to PDF. ...

Mapping State Proficiency Standards Onto NAEP Scales: 2005-2007 - Presents mapping results using the 2005 and 2007 NAEP assessments in mathematics and reading for 4th and 8th grades. The mapping procedure offers an approximate way to assess the relative rigor of the states' adequate yearly progress (AYP) standards established under NCLB. (National Center for Education Statistics, October 2009)...

The Accountability Illusion--Executive Summary - This study examines the NCLB accountability systems and the basic AYP rules for 28 states as they operate in practice. They selected 36 schools (half elementary and half middle) that vary by size, achievement, diversity and so on and determined which would or would not make AYP when evaluated under each state's accountability rules. In other words, if the school made AYP Ohio were relocated to Washington, would that same school also make AYP there and what does that say about the effectiveness of NCLB in ensuring that all students attain proficiency. (Thomas B. Fordham Institute, February 2009)...

Title I Implementation—Update on Recent Evaluation Findings - This report includes new data from both the National Longitudinal Study of NCLB and the Study of State Implementation of Accountability and Teacher Quality Under NCLB. This new report also includes updated data from consolidated state performance reports, including student achievement on state assessments, school and district identification for improvement and highly qualified teachers. Pages 80-86 and 93 provide state-by-state data. (U.S. Department of Education, January 2009)...

Mapping Educational Progress 2008 - The U.S. Department of Education has collected state-by-state data related to several NCLB indicators and provisions. This Web site includes data for student achievement in reading and math, high school graduation rates, adequate yearly progress, highly qualified teachers, tutoring and choice options, state participation in flexibility options and more. ...

Standards-Based Accountability Under No Child Left Behind: Experiences of Teachers and Administrators in Three States - Since 2001–02, the work of public school teachers and administrators in the United States has been shaped by the standards-based accountability provisions of NCLB. This paper presents descriptive information regarding the implementation of NCLB in three states — California, Georgia and Pennsylvania — in 2003–04 and 2004–05. Also available is a 10-page summary. (Laura Hamilton, Brian Stecher, Julie Marsh, Jennifer Sloan McCombs, Abby Robyn, Jennifer Lin Russell, Scott Naftel and Heathery Barney, RAND, 2007) ...

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