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No Child Left Behind--Report Cards

Informing Practices and Improving Results with Data-Driven Decisions MS Word - The capacity to use data to inform educational practices and improve results is critical in this era of ardent accountability for academic outcomes. School personnel need to know clearly, understand intricately and communicate effectively how their students benefit from attending the school -- in other words, the “value added” of schooling. The various stages of working with data to inform education decisionmaking and improve results are explored in this paper. They include why data are important, selecting, collecting and analyzing data, and communicating and using results. (Sheila Arredondo, Education Commission of the States, August 2000)...

Reporting, Rewarding and Sanctioning Schools and Districts MS Word - Around the country, the push for higher standards has led to an increase in the importance of accountability for schools, districts and even states. Policymakers are using a variety of means to measure performance and respond appropriately. (Article from the Fall 2000 ECS State Education Leader)...

Parents' Reports of School Practices to Provide Information to Families: 1996 and 2003 - Studies suggest that parent involvement is related to factors such as children’s grades in school, test scores and grade retention. Given the importance of parent involvement, researchers, policymakers and practitioners have sought ways to promote it. In this report, data from the Parent and Family Involvement in Education Survey of the 2003 National Household Education Surveys Program were used to replicate previous analyses using the Parent and Family Involvement in Education and Civic Involvement Survey of the 1996 National Household Education Surveys Program. As with the previous report, parent-reported school information practices are discussed first and then examined in relation to the frequency of parent involvement at the school. Results in both survey years show that the average number of parent-reported school information practices done “very well” differed by school, family, and student characteristics. (Nancy Vaden-Kiernan, National Center for Education Statistics, December 2005)...

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