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No Child Left Behind--Report Cards

Report Cards MS Word PDF - The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) requires states to prepare and disseminate an annual state report card. This requirement became effective at the beginning of the 2002-03 school year. This ECS StateNote describes which of the NCLB indicators are included in state, district and school reports to the public. (Kathy Christie, Education Commission of the States, November 2004)...

Performance-Based Accountability: Public Rankings, Profiles or Categorization of Schools/Districts — State Policies MS Word - Over the past several years, states have required schools and/or districts to compile "report cards" based on data, such as dropout rates, per-pupil spending, teacher qualifications, enrollment, etc. More recently, an increasing number of states have taken public reporting to another level. Although traditional "report cards" to the public typically have cited a good deal of data, the reader has had little indication of "in comparison to what?" Over half of the states now provide this value-added information because it addresses how schools/districts compare against a standard or against similar institutions. For example, some states identify poor performing schools or assign performance levels such as "satisfactory" to schools. (Kathy Christie, Education Commission of the States, December 1999)...

How do states and districts report test scores and dropout rates of students with disabilities? PDF - This brief discusses the percentage of states and districts publicly reporting test scores and dropout rates for students with disabilities and whether the reported data is aggregated or disaggregated from the performance of other students. The brief reports that more states than districts publicly reported test scores on state- or district-wide assessments, performance on alternative assessments and dropout rates of students with disabilities. States typically reported aggregated and disaggregated data on students with disabilities, whereas districts were more likely to report aggregated data. (Abt Associates Inc., 2005)...

Arizona’s School Report Card Program - This site provides comprehensive information about each Arizona school in a standard format, which is easy to understand, allows meaningful comparisons to be made among schools and shows school accomplishments from year to year. The goal of the program is to disseminate information to students, parents and interested community members to encourage participation and provide every student with access to an extraordinary education....

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