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Reporting, Rewarding and Sanctioning Schools and Districts MS Word - Around the country, the push for higher standards has led to an increase in the importance of accountability for schools, districts and even states. Policymakers are using a variety of means to measure performance and respond appropriately. (Article from the Fall 2000 ECS State Education Leader)...

A Policymaker’s Guide to Standards-Led Assessment MS Word - Assessments play a pivotal role in standards-led reform by (1) communicating the goals that school systems, schools, teachers and students are expected to achieve; (2) providing targets for teaching and learning and (3) shaping the performance of educators and students. Coupled with appropriate incentives and/or sanctions – external or self-directed – assessments can motivate students to learn better, teachers to teach better, and schools to be more educationally effective. This guide is issued jointly by the Education Commission of the States and the National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing. (Robert L. Linn and Joan L. Herman, ECS and NCRESST, February 1997)...

A Look at Kentucky's Accountability Program - School Reform Efforts Bear Fruit MS Word - A state-level accountability program can lead to significant improvement in school performance. Kentucky schools successfully met student achievement goals in the state’s school-based performance award program by making considerable changes in curriculum and instruction. The 16 schools studied were selected to represent elementary, middle and high schools in various geographic regions and reaching various levels of success in their accountability goals. [Reprinted with permission from Carolyn Kelley, WCER (Wisconsin Center for Education Research) Highlights, June 1998]...

The Promise and Reality of Rewards for School Improvement MS Word - Do accountability systems that include monetary rewards for school improvement and sanctions for poor performance motivate school personnel? This study of performance-based rewards in four states examines rewards in accountability systems, analyzes findings of interviews within the states and presents recommendations for policymakers. (Richard A. King and Judith K. Mathers, reprinted with permission from Journal of Education Finance, September 1997, Vol. 23, No. 2, 147-176)...

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