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Choice of Schools--Charter Schools

Collective Bargaining and Teachers Unions in a Charter District Collective Bargaining and Teachers Unions in a Charter District'])"'> PDF - While state laws and school district policies have a large impact on the daily operations of individual schools, there is another set of rules and regulations that significantly impact what happens in a school each day the collective bargaining agreements between school districts and teachers unions. This paper presents many of the challenges that arise when district, union and school leaders consider changing collective bargaining agreements to support the creation of charter districts. In addition, it offers a variety of options for dealing with these challenges. (Alex Medler, Bryan Hassel and Todd Ziebarth, Education Commission of the States, December 2003)...

The Nuts & Bolts of Charter Districts MS Word - An emerging governance innovation in public education is charter districts school districts in which all or most of the schools are charter or contract schools. This four-part ECS series looks at policy options for state leaders, design issues faced by district leaders, funding issues and the new central office for charter districts. (Todd Ziebarth, Bryan Hassel, John Augenblick, Jennifer Sharp and Nelson Smith, Education Commission of the States, May 2003)...

Governing America's Schools: Changing the Rules PDF - The time is right for state and local policymakers and educators to rethink and redesign how we govern our schools. This report, which The Wall Street Journal commended for "sweeping away decades of cobwebs surrounding previous reform proposals" and setting "a high standard for future debate on the subject," outlines two potential approaches for governing the nation's schools. Both of the proposed approaches seek to build on the strengths of the prevailing governance system while infusing it with a greater capacity for adaptability, flexibility and accountability. An Executive Summary of this publication is available. (National Commission on Governing America's Schools, Education Commission of the States, November 1999)...

School Boards: Focus on School Performance, Not Money and Patronage - According to this report, while school board members' mode of selection is important, what really matters is the school board's basic powers and mission. This report shows how school board roles can be redefined so that they can focus on school performance. Options include limiting school board powers and subjecting school boards to perfromance contingency. (Paul T. Hill, Progressive Policy Institute, January 2003)...

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