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Ready to Assemble: Grading State Higher Education Accountability Systems - In 2008 and 2009, Education Sector conducted a comprehensive analysis of higher education accountability systems, analyzed thousands of documents, policies and laws to answer two question: 1) What information do states collect on their higher education institutions? 2) How do they use that information to affect institutional improvement. Based on the research they graded accountability systems in 21 categories on a three-level scale. (Chad Aldeman and Kevin Carey, Education Sector, June 2009)...

Ready to Assemble: A Model State Higher Education Accountability System - In 2008, Education Sector conducted a comprehensive analysis of state higher education accountability systems in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. For each state they worked to answer two questions: 1) What kind of information does the state gather about its colleges and students? 2) How does the state use the information it gathers to make colleges and students more successful? The report describes the current state of the art in higher education accountability and ends with a set of guidelines for designing a model system. (Kevin Carey and Chad Aldeman, Education Sector, December 2008)...

Minnesota Measures - 2008 Report on Higher Education Performance - To ensure that the intellectual capacity of Minnesotans emerges as strategic advantage in a global economy, Governor Tim Pawlenty and the Minnesota legislature charged the Minnesota Office of Higher Education with creating a statewide accountability system for the state’s postsecondary institutions. Five goals were developed which would serve as the resulting report’s organizing framework and 23 indicators to measure progress were established. (Minnesota Office of Higher Education, April 2008)...

Measuring Up 2006 - The fourth in a series of biennial report cards, this report is designed to provide the public and policymakers with information to assess and improve postsecondary education in each state. This Web site provides state leaders, policymakers, researchers and others with access to the national report card as well as access to all fifty state report cards. In addition, the site can compare any state with the best-performing states in each performance category, compare indicator scores and state grades for any performance category, obtain source and technical information for indicators and weights, and allow visitors to download the reports. Further, the Web site has the capacity to view previous report cards from 2000, 2002 and 2004....

Checks and Balances at Work: The Restructuring of Virginia’s Public Higher Education System - This paper examines Virginia's 2005 Restructured Higher Education Financial and Administrative Operations Act. The Act was a significant renegotiation of the relationship between the state and its renowned public colleges and universities. In what many described as "an evolutionary process," two parallel initiatives came together to create the Act. The three most powerful public institutions in the state were advancing a proposal to become "chartered universities," a status that would have given these institutions far more autonomy over their daily operations. At the same time, Governor Mark Warner was working with a group of Virginia leaders and higher education experts to develop an agenda to reform higher education in the state. (Lara K. Couturier, The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, June 2006) ...

Student Tracking Systems Can Be Used to Enhance Graduation and Retention Rates - This report provides information on how Florida universities inform students of graduation requirements, track their progress and schedule the classes they need to graduate in a timely manner. The report includes an appendix that identifies each state university's efforts in these areas. (Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability, May 2006) ...

Performance-Linked Accountability Plans in the 50 States MS Word - This table indicates what kind of performance plan is in place in all 50 states. [From Joseph C. Burke and Henrik Minassians (2001), Linking State Resources to Campus Results: From Fad to Trend – The Fifth Annual Survey 2001, The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government: Higher Education Program]...

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