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High School-Level Accountability PDF - This ECS StateNote reports the measures or indicators states use for public reporting of the school's performance, the method used to provide notice to schools falling below expectations and the supports offered to assist the school in raising performance, the sanctions which a state may turn to for ensuring performance improves, and the rewards offered to schools by the state when performance heightens. (Melodye Bush, Education Commission of the States, December 2008)...

High School-Level Accountability - This database provides 50-state information on numerous areas related to accountability, including indicators used for determining performance and public reporting, supports provided to struggling schools, sanctions and rewards. (Melodye Bush, Education Commission of the States, October 2007)...

School Restructuring in Philadelphia: Management Lessons from 2002 to 2005 PDF - Hiring education management organizations (EMOs) to operate public schools is one of multiple options districts can pursue under the sanctions prescribed by No Child Left Behind. This ECS Policy Brief summarizes a case study of the Partnership School Model, providing examples of lessons learned regarding: (1) the application and contract process, (2) the transition to new management and (3) the management of multiple EMO contracts. Recurring themes and recommendations that emerged from this case study include: (1) transparency builds credibility, (2) managing contracts required planning, (3) a functional infrastructure is required to manage contracts and (4) explicit accountability must be built into contracts. Also available online is the case study. (Lauren Morando Rhim, Education Commission of the States, September 2005)...

Restructuring Schools in Baltimore: Policy Brief PDF - This paper presents a summary of state and local restructuring efforts in a single district: the Baltimore City Public School System (BCPSS). The stateís and the districtís experiences with restructuring persistently low-performing schools provide practical information to other state and district leaders charged with the arduous task of restructuring schools under NCLB. (Lauren Morando Rhim, Education Commission of the States, August 2004)...

State Policies for School Restructuring MS Word PDF - This document gives a detailed look at state policies for school restructuring, as defined by the No Child Left Behind Act. It includes an analysis of state policies allowing low-performing schools to be closed and reopened as charter schools. (Todd Ziebarth, Education Commission of the States, December 2004)...

State Takeovers and Reconstitutions MS Word - Many policymakers, educators and parents are deeply concerned about the performance of the nation's public schools. To ensure school districts, schools, administrators, teachers and students meet acceptable performance levels, many states and school districts are implementing a variety of accountability policies. Two of the more controversial ones are state takeovers and reconstitutions. (Todd Ziebarth, Education Commission of the States, March 2004)...

Rewards and Sanctions for School Districts and Schools MS Word PDF - State policymakers are increasingly focusing their attention on holding school districts and schools accountable for their students' performance. Two mechanisms for ensuring such accountability are rewards and sanctions. States reward school districts and schools by providing monetary and nonmonetary rewards. States also sanction school districts and schools. In fact, several types of sanctions in place across the states range from a written warning to a state takeover of a school district or school. Also available is the statutory language for each state (Todd Ziebarth, Education Commission of the States, updated August 2002)....

State Interventions in Low-Performing Schools and School Districts MS Word PDF - This report, completed by ECS at the request of the Washington Academic Achievement and Accountability Commission, details state policies and experiences in low-performing schools and school districts, reviews the research on the impact of state interventions on low-performing schools and school districts and provides policy recommendations as well as advice from state practitioners around the country. (Carl Krueger, Ravay Snow-Renner and Todd Ziebarth, Education Commission of the States, 2002)...

States Conducting Student Competency Testing for High School Graduation (Exit Exams) MS Word - In an effort to increase the numbers of well-prepared young adults, nearly all states have set standards that describe what students should know and be able to do. In addition, many states are using high school exit exams to ensure students have mastered particular skills and content. This report provides information on the various competency tests required in the states for high school graduation. (Education Commission of the States, August 2000)...

What States Are Doing Current

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