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Online Kindergarten Database - In this database, you will find kindergarten state policy information for all 50 states. Topics include entrance ages, curriculum, standards, class size, and much more. (ECS, 2013)...

State Characteristics: Kindergarten PDF - This ECS StateNote examines key components of each state's kindergarten policy, including: the lower compulsory age; entrance age; if districts must offer; and if students must attend. (Melodye Bush, Education Commission of the States, May 2011)...

While no one was looking – Community-based solutions to linking early learning and the early grades: Implications for state policy - Lessons from the SPARK Initiative PDF - SPARK (Supporting Partnerships to Assure Ready Kids) — a five-year initiative funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation — is one good example of what can and is being accomplished at the community level to create continuity across early childhood and K-12 education. This policy brief discusses three high-impact strategies used at SPARK sites. Additionally, the brief provides implementation examples and policy opportunities associated with each strategy. (Mimi Howard, Education Commission of the States, January 2009)...

Access to Kindergarten: Age Issues in State Statutes MS Word PDF - This ECS StateNote documents how state lawmakers have addressed kindergarten-related age issues, including compulsory school age, kindergarten entrance age, early entrance to kindergarten, skipping kindergarten and kindergarten exemption. (Jessica McMacken, Education Commission of the States, November 2008)...

State Statutes Regarding Kindergarten: Policies concerning district offering of and student attendance in full- and half-day kindergarten programs MS Word PDF - This ECS StateNote includes information on each state's offering of full-day kindergarten, as well as policies for student attendance in kindergarten. (Education Commission of the States, October 2008) ...

Kindergarten Entrance Ages: A 30 Year Trend Analysis PDF - There has been a trend in the states over the last 30 years to establish a cutoff date earlier in the year for children entering kindergarten. This ECS StateNote examines the trend, providing changes for each state since 1975. (Michael Colasanti, Education Commission of the States, March 2007)...

How States Fund Full-Day Kindergarten MS Word - This ECS StateNote shows how each state’s funding formula addresses kindergarten. It addresses how states’ funding formulas for half- and full-day kindergarten compare, and how states’ funding formulas for full-day kindergarten and 1st grade compare. (Education Commission of the States, updated August 2005)...

Full-Day Kindergarten: A Study of State Policies in the United States PDF - This report provides a state policy overview of full-day kindergarten in the United States. It is intended, however, to accomplish more than simply describing current policies. Based on an Education Commission of the States’ (ECS) review, the report identifies four key areas where states need to strengthen their full-day kindergarten policies. (Education Commission of the States, July 2005)...

School Finance and Full-Day Kindergarten: Taxation and Spending Caps MS Word PDF - According to this StateNote, funding for local school districts comes primarily from property taxes. Local district taxation, as well as state limits on spending, play a critical role in whether or not local school districts have the ability to support programs such as full-day kindergarten. This StateNote lists the local taxes used to fund education and the taxation and spending caps in each state. (Michael Griffith, Education Commission of the States, June 2004)...

Leadership Matters: Governors' Pre-K Proposals Fiscal Year 2010 - This report evaluates gubernatorial proposals to determine which leaders see voluntary, high-quality pre-kindergarten programs as essential. The news is good. (Pre[K]Now, The Pew Center on the States, May 2009)...

An Evidence-Based Approach to Estimating the National and State Costs of PreK-3rd - In this policy brief, the authors offer a framework for estimating the costs of doing Pre-K-3rd. Education finance policy researchers apply their evidence-based approach to estimate the national and state-by-state costs of Pre-K-3rd approaches. (Lawrence Picus, Allan Odden and Michael Goetz, Foundation for Child Development, April 2009)...

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