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Selected Research & Readings

Gallup State of America's Schools: The Path to Winning Again in Education - Students who strongly agree that their school is committed to building their strengths and that they have a teacher who makes them excited about the future are almost 30 times as likely to be engaged learners as their peers who strongly disagree with both statements, this poll finds. But less than half of students strongly agree that they get to do their best every day, and nearly seven in 10 K-12 teachers are not engaged in their work. (Gallup, April 2014) ...

What Parents Want: Education Preferences and Trade-Offs (A National Survey of K-12 Parents) - A diverse group of 2,000 parents nationwide were surveyed in an attempt is to segment U.S. parents into distinguishable groups. Parents' must-haves did not vary greatly, but some demographic differences emerged: white parents were more concerned about their children developing good study habits than African American or Latino parents, but less concerned about acceptance into a top-tier college than Latinos and African Americans. The goal of developing "strong critical thinking skills" had a nearly direct correlation with income-the higher the income, the higher the priority. Market "niches" also were identified. (Editors Dara Zeehandelaar and Amber M. Winkler, Thomas B. Fordham Institute, August 2013)...

State Governments Viewed Favorably as Federal Rating Hits New Low - Though the public view of federal government is at a low, citizens continue to hold state and local governments in higher esteem, according to a brief from the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press. Just 28% rate the federal government favorably, down five points from a year ago and the lowest percentage ever in a Pew Research Center survey. By contrast, state governors get a positive rating: 55% view their governors favorably compared to 30% giving their governors an unfavorable rating. State economic ratings show modest improvement. (Pew Research Center, April 2013)...

Highlights of the 2012 PDK/Gallup Poll: What Americans said about the public schools - This report presents the results from the 44th annual PDK/Gallup Poll of the public’s attitudes toward public schools. Results show that Americans have a number of conflicting and hardening viewpoints in their appraisal of and preferences for directing, managing, and investing in the schools. For example, we are divided on whether teachers should be evaluated based on student standardized test scores and on which political party and which presidential candidate can more positively influence public education in America. (Phi Delta Kappan International, Sept 2012)...

How Americans Would Slim Down Public Education - According to a nationally representative survey of American adults, many Americans support dramatic changes to how school districts do business. From cutting central-office staff to reforming retirement benefits, this report outlines how voters think spending should be reduced—and what programs must be protected. (Thomas B. Fordham Institute, August 2012)...

2011 MetLife Survey of the American Teacher - Conducted annually, this survey examines the views of teachers, parents and students about the teaching profession, parent and community engagement, and effects of the economy on teaching and learning in schools. Notable findings include parent and community engagement with schools has increased, and there are constructive practices to be shared. The survey raises concerns, however, especially around teacher satisfaction. (Metlife, Inc. March 2012)...

Don't Count Us Out: How An Overreliance on Accountability Could Undermine the Public's Confidence in Schools, Business, Government, and More - This report describes a potentially corrosive gap between the way leaders in government, business, education, health care and other sectors define accountability and the way typical Americans think about it. (Kettering Foundation and Public Agenda, August 2011)...

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