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From the ECS State Policy Database: Online Learning--Virtual Schools/Courses - This policy database—updated weekly—is made possible by your state's fiscal support of the Education Commission of the States....

Virtual High Schools MS Word PDF - Statewide virtual high schools are state-led programs created by state legislatures or state-level departmental agencies, and most commonly administered by a state’s education department. This ECS StateNote provides 50-state information on policies related to student curriculum and access, teaching quality and program quality/accountability. (Melodye Bush, Education Commission of the States, August 2008)...

K-12 Online Education Commission Recommendations - A Colorado commission tasked with recommending legislative changes to improve online learning called for a broader definition of online to encompass a variety of electronic learning methods. The taskforce called for making attendance requirements more flexible and reducing records transfer times from 30 to 14 days. The State Board of Education should certify multi-district online authorizers instead of multi-district schools. And while the current accountability system is "unrealistic and incomplete," new ways to measure performance should be addressed by creation of pilot programs. (Donnell-Kay Foundation, March 2014)...

Keeping Pace with K-12 Online & Blended Learning: An Annual Review of Policy and Practice - This 10th annual Keeping Pace guide offers enrollment number, informative graphics, program planning timelines, thoughts on MOOCs in K-12, a look back 10 years, and a look into the future. Factoids: Access to online and blended learning opportunities continues to be funded by zip code. Only Florida is statewide, but other states are moving in that direction. There is a lot of activity at the single district level and multi-district fully online schools serve an estimated 310,000 students. (John Watson et al.,Evergreen Education Group, November 2013)...

Keeping Pace With K-12 Online & Blended Learning: An Annual Review of Policy and Practice - This annual report examines the status of K-12 online education across the country. The report provides an overview of the latest policies, practices, and trends affecting online learning programs across all 50 states, (Evergreen Education Group, November 2012)...

An Evaluation: Virtual Charter Schools - Enrollment in virtual charter schools in Wisconsin has increased every school year since 2002-03. This report examines enrollment trends, opportunities for social development, provision of special education, assessments, teacher licensure, revenue and expenditures. (Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau, February 2010)...

Summary Report of the Operations and Activities of Online Programs in Colorado - This review provides information on the activities and structure of single district and multi-district online programs for the 2008-09 school year and also includes 2009 October count data. The report provides information about a program's delivery, the alignment to standards, the demographics and accountability data, curriculum, student support and budgets. (Colorado Department of Education, February 2010)...

Online Learning Policy Survey -- A Survey of the States - Report reflects the vision, policies and strategies that states have deployed around online learning in an effort to transform their academic environment and meet the needs of students. The report ranks policies enacted by states to create favorable online learning environments and successful initiatives. (Center for Digital Education, November 2009)...

2009 Survey of Virtual Learning in Indiana - Intent of the survey was twofold: (1) Guidance in providing efficient and effective virtual learning services; and (2) Assistance in making policy recommendations to the legislature in promoting such virtual learning across the state. Key findings are included. (Michael Holstead and Terry Spradlin, Center for Evaluation and Education Policy, July 2009)...

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