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From the ECS State Policy Database: Curriculum--Arts Education - This policy database—updated weekly—is made possible by your state's fiscal support of the Education Commission of the States....

Colorado Visual and Performing Arts Education Survey Statistical Report: A Comprehensive Survey of Arts Education in Colorado Schools - Significant achievements in arts education were advanced by two bills: S.B. 212/CAP4K (2008) and H.B. 1273 (2010). They mandated creation of standards in the arts, led to teacher- and district-created assessments and templates, ensured tracking of arts programming in career and academic plans and created a state definition of arts disciplines. Work remains: 28,000 Colorado students attend schools that don't offer arts education and only half of the state's students are enrolled in arts classes. (Colorado Creative Industries and the Colorado Department of Education, May 2015)...

A Blueprint for Creative Schools - A California arts education task force worked two years to come up with a report with two themes: infusing critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity into education policy, and using equity and access as lenses through which to view all policy recommendations. The report, which calls for arts education to be elevated to a core subject, was given to State Superintendent Tom Torlakson in January of 2015. (Create CA, January, 2015) ...

Access to Arts Education - While basic state requirements and instructional time for arts education in schools have remained unchanged in recent years, state funding levels varied, according to this survey. The report found that arts education funding was more attributed to state budget changes than to No Child Left Behind requirements or other factors. The appendices include 50-state data on arts education and a summary of research that examines connections between the arts and student success. (Government Accountability Office, February 2009) ...

Access to Arts Education: Inclusion of Additional Questions in Education's Planned Resarch Would Help Explain Why Instruction Time Has Decreased for Some Students - The national picture indicates that the vast majority of schools have found a way to preserve their arts education program. However, a somewhat different picture emerges for some schools identified as needing improvement under NCLB. Appendix III, a state-by-state breakdown of arts education requirements and funding, and Appendix IV, listing additional studies on arts education are particularly helpful. (U.S. Government Accountability Office, February 2009)...

Arts Education Assessment Consortium - SCASS ARTS is a state-based, nationally focused group addressing the development and refinement of arts education assessment materials for large-scale, district-level, and classroom-based assessment and professional development connected to the National Standards in Arts Education. The group has developed and implemented a Web-based development process for arts assessments....

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