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No Child Left Behind

Race to the Top Round II Winners PDF - Today, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced 10 Race to the Top (RttT) round II winners. Almost $3.4 billion remains in RttT federal funds and should be awarded to the 10 winning round II applicants by October. Two states, Delaware and Tennessee won grants in round I of the competition earlier this year. Secretary Duncan stated in that "[w]e’re very hopeful there will be a Phase 3 of Race to the Top and have requested $1.35 billion dollars in next year’s budget" to continue the grant competition. (Molly Ryan, Education Commission of the States, August 2010)...

Estimating the Number of Jobs Created or Saved MS Word PDF - (Mike Griffith, Education Commission of the States, April 2010)...

More to Do, But Less Capacity To Do It: States' Progress in Implementing the Recovery Act Education Reforms - This report, based on an October 2010 survey of state education officials, discusses state education budgets, implementation of initiatives to support the four American Recovery and Reinvestment Act reform assurances, state education agency capacity, and Race to the Top. The authors found that while federal stimulus funds have helped states build momentum for school reform, state budget woes threaten to stall progress. (Center on Education Policy, February 2011)...

Federal Support for Education: Fiscal Years 1980 to 2003 - This report provides a picture of total federal financial support for education from fiscal year 1980 through fiscal year 2003. A summary of dollar amounts spent on education programs in the U.S. Department of Education and other government agencies is provided. (William C. Sonnenberg, National Center for Education Statistics, August 2004)...

The Future Federal Role: Observations and Ideas - This paper, excerpted from a book, examines federal education policy trends over the last 30-some years, and No Child Left Behind in particular, to propose areas where the federal government might wade into in coming years, maintain or expand its existing role. The author also suggests ”What Will Not Happen,” and offers recommendations for improving the federal legislative and administrative structures relating to education. (Christopher T. Cross, Policy Perspectives, WestEd, excerpted from Political Education: National Policy Comes of Age by Christopher T. Cross, Teachers College Press, 2003)...

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