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Taxation and Spending Policies MS Word PDF - School district budget and tax rate procedures vary among the states. This ECS StateNote lists the local taxes used to fund education and the taxation and spending caps in each state. (Michael Griffith, Education Commission of the States, June 2004)...

50-State Comparison of Expenditures and Revenues (by source), Teacher Salaries, Teacher/Pupil Ratios MS Word - Multistate comparisons. (Education Commission of the States, December 1998)...

Revenues for Education MS Word - Multi-state policy compilations. (Education Commission of the States, May 1997)...

Revenues and Expenditures for Public Elementary and Secondary Education: School Year 2002-03 - Approximately $440 billion in revenue was raised to fund public education for grades pre-kindergarten through 12th in the 2002-03 school year. This report presents data for public elementary and secondary schools on: (1) revenues; (2) percentage distribution of revenue; (3) current expenditures; (4) percentage distribution of current expenditures; (5) student membership and current expenditure per pupil; (6) current expenditures for instruction; and (7) total expenditures. Data are disaggregated for each state and outlying area, and other indicators starting on page 6. (Jason Hill and Frank Johnson, National Center for Education Statistics, April 2005)...

Revenues and Expenditures for Public Elementary and Secondary Education: School Year 2001-02 - This publication provides 50-state information on local, state and federal revenues for public K-12 education, including the dollar amounts received; the percentage of revenues received from state, federal and local sources, respectively; dollar amounts of 2001-02 expenditures by function (instruction, support services and non-instruction)Dollar amounts allocated to instruction in the 50 states are broken out for specific costs (salaries, employee benefits, purchased services, tuition to out-of-state and private schools, supplies and other), as are such operating costs as facilities acquisition and construction. (Crecilla Cohen and Frank Johnson, National Center for Education Statistics, June 2004)...

School Finance Reform: The First Two Years - A statewide education property tax in New Hampshire significantly reduced local property taxes in poorer towns, but has not decreased disparities in school spending. This study analyzes the first two school years after enactment of the statewide property tax in 1999. (Douglas E. Hall, New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies, October 2002)...

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