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Lottery Information By State MS Word - This document provides a brief description of each state's lottery program, including information on how lottery revenues are spent and a link to the state lottery Web site. (Molly Burke, Education Commission of the States, February 2006)...

Changes in Per-pupil education spending (Version 1) PDF - This graphic displays per-pupil spending for all 50 states in the United States....

Changes in Per-pupil spending (Version 2) PDF - This graphic shows changes in per-pupil spending for all 50 states....

Changes in Per-pupil spending (version 3) PDF - This graphic displays changes in per-pupil spending for all 50 states....

Lottery Jackpots, Retailer Density and Advertising Drive Transfers to Education - Advertising is critical to maintaining lottery sales, but additional expenditures may not necessarily translate into increases in net revenues and transfers to the Florida Educational Enhancement Trust Fund. Jackpot amounts and retailer density affect ticket sales and resulting profits more than advertising expenditures. (OPPAGA, January 2010)...

Lottery Faces Challenges Meeting Future Revenue Demands, Continues Work to Improve Efficiency - This report notes that while the Florida Lottery is among the highest performing of state lotteries, its revenue growth has flattening out while programs funded by the lottery are growing. Fox example, in fiscal year 2003-04, the lottery transferred $1.05 billion to the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund, however, the lottery program itself is struggling to maintain revenue growth -- the financial needs of the services benefiting from the lottery continue to increase. This report suggests steps to increase lottery revenues such as new games, new marketing strategies and improved operational efficiency. (The Florida Legislature Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability, Report No. 04-80, December 2004)...

What States Are Doing Current

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