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Cost Per-Day for Extended School Year MS Word PDF - Extending the school year has become a topic of interest to many state and federal policymakers. Prior to deciding to extend the school year it is important for policymakers to understand the associated costs. This ECS StateNote gives a rough estimate of the total cost and the instructional cost of school operation in each state. (Michael Griffith, Education Commission of the States, February 2008)...

Fiscal Survey of States - State finances are modestly improving in fiscal 2014, the fourth consecutive year of general fund spending growth, according to this fall report. Budget cuts and gaps have declined and overall revenue collections have exceeded projections. Signs of fiscal distress continue to subside. Spending increases in fiscal 2014 were generally directed at K-12 education and Medicaid, although five states enacted budget cuts to K-12. Higher education, transportation and corrections also experienced increases. Six states cut higher education budgets. (NASBO)...

State and Local Governments Fiscal Outlook, April 2013 Update - State and local sectors will see a gap between revenue and spending that will grow through 2060 “absent any policy changes,” according to simulations released last month. Near term, the good news is that state and local governments saw an increase in tax receipts after 2008’s decline which went into 2009. Long term, the decline is mostly due to rising health-related costs of state and local expenditures on Medicaid and health care compensation for state and local government employees and retirees. The simulations are in the aggregate and cannot be used to predict outcomes in individual states and localities. (U.S. Government Accountability Office, April 2013)...

After the Stimulus Money Ends: The Status of State K-12 Education Funding and Reforms - This report, which is based on a fall 2011 survey of state education agency officials, finds that state spending cuts for K-12 education seemed to have bottomed out in many states, although some states are still strapped for funds. The report also examines states’ efforts to implement the four school reforms they promised to address in their applications for federal stimulus funds. (Center on Education Policy, 2012) ...

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