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School Commercialism: High Costs, Low Revenues - This report highlights key examples of school districts’ advertising programs that call into question claims by advocates of school commercialism that its potential to generate a lucrative alternative revenue stream is worth the drawbacks school advertising may create. (Public Citizen, 2012)...

Facing Facts: Public Attitudes and Fiscal Realities in Five Stressed States - An analysis of public attitudes toward fiscal problems in five diverse states - Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois and New York - shows residents have strikingly similar priorities for state government, but their preferences clash with fiscal reality. The residents of these states believe their state could spend less without cutting services. They want to protect K-12 education and Medicaid funding - by far the biggest portion of state budgets. They prefer charging someone else - wealthy corporations, smokers, drinkers and gamblers - to ensure essential services. Even those increases would likely be insufficient to close severe budget gaps. (Pew Center on the States/Public Policy Institute of California, October 2010)...

Special Report: Property Tax Collections Surged with Housing Boom: Will Localities Respond to Housing Dip with Higher Rates? - No tax riles the American people more than property taxes, especially real estate taxes that are based on the value of their homes and land. According to a recent Tax Foundation poll, property taxes are thought to be the least “fair” of all state and local taxes. This report examines property taxes throughout the nation, with five main findings: (1) Property taxes highest in the Northeast, Texas, Illinois and Wisconsin; (2) New York and New Jersey dominate list of high-tax counties; (3) About half of all property taxes go to public schools; (4) Property taxes rose faster than incomes from 2002 to 2004; and (5) Housing market decline may force local governments to cut spending or raise property tax rates. (Gerald Prante, Tax Foundation, October 2006)...

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