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GovernanceWhat States Are Doing (Additional Resources)
What States Are Doing
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Choice of Schools
Choice of Schools--Charter Schools
Choice of Schools--Charter Schools--Charter Districts
Choice of Schools--Choice/Open Enrollment
Choice of Schools--Magnet or Specialized Schools
Choice of Schools--Vouchers
Governance--Deregulation/Waivers/Home Rule
Governance--School Boards
Governance--Site-Based Management
Instructional Approaches--Homeschooling
Postsecondary Governance and Structures

Qualifications for Chief State School Officers MS Word PDF - State education governance structures follow a number of different models, all of which include a chief state school officer (CSSO). This ECS StateNote examines the qualififcations required for an individual to serve as a CSSO. Qualifications vary widely, including academic and professional experience, residency and moral character. (Michael Colasanti, Education Commission of the States, February 2007)...

Models of State Education Governance MS Word PDF - This ECS StateNote describes four state education governance models that 40 states use, and provides notes about the states and territories whose governance models do not conform to any of the four models. (Alison Weems, Education Commission of the States, January 2006)...

Gubernatorial Leadership MS Word - This ECS Briefing Memo describes the authority and resulting impact governors have over education matters in the states through board and superintendent appointments. Two states with very different systems - Illinois and Florida - are discussed. (Kathy Christie,Education Commission of the States, May 2005)...

State Education Oversight Commissions MS Word PDF - This ECS StateNote looks at how states structure and use education commissions. (Molly Burke and Kathy Christie, Education Commission of the States, September 2005)...

Examples of Major Changes in State Boards of Education MS Word PDF - Education governance structures differ from state to state in ways that directly affect how state education policy leaders can act or interact. This ECS StateNote provides readers with examples of relatively recent state initiatives to address the powers and authority of state boards of education. (Michael Colasanti, Education Commission of the States, February 2007)...

K-12 Governance Structures Database Archive - Database updated in 2013 is here. This searchable database contains information about K-12 governance structures in each state, broken into three levels: state, regional and school district. This database includes profiles of individual state K-12 governance structures, comparisons of states' K-12 governance structures and predetermined reports on the 50-state K-12 governance structures. Last updated in December 2003. (Todd Ziebarth, Education Commission of the States, December 2003)...

State Constitutions and Public Education Governance MS Word - Each state constitution articulates, to varying degrees of detail, the state's responsibilities for providing an education to its citizens. This ECS StateNote outlines and compares the provisions in each state's constitution that concern public education governance. (Todd Ziebarth, Education Commission of the States, October 2000)...

Focus on Governance in K-12 Education: State-Level Models - In elementary and secondary education governance, the need to build an effective system of public education is the driving force behind the selection of a state's key education leaders. This paper provides a snapshot of what state-level K-12 governance looks like in the Southern Regional Education Board states. (Asenith Dixon, Southern Regional Education Board, October 2008)...

Strengthening the Work of School Boards in Pennsylvania - This paper argues that the trend of school reform that started in 1983 has been too focused at the federal and state level, neglecting the importance of local school governance. The authors contend that more effort should now be spent defining roles and improving the effectiveness of local school boards and their members in Pennsylvania. (The Education Policy and Leadership Center, March 2004) ...

What States Are Doing Current

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