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Choice of Schools--Charter Schools
Choice of Schools--Charter Schools--Charter Districts

Deregulation in Education MS Word - In the early part of this century, public school systems primarily were decentralized or deregulated, that is, governed and controlled by the local community. It was not until the mid-1980s that states began to experiment seriously again with the idea of reducing rules and regulation. This policy brief defines the elements within the deregulation movement, briefly highlights what the research says about deregulation and presents arguments for and against deregulation. (Amy Anderson, Education Commission of the States, May 1997)...

Deregulation: Review of Research on Deregulation in Education MS Word - This research review discusses the evolution of public school deregulation in the United States. It begins with an overview of the types of waiver programs that have emerged over the years and then discusses more recent initiatives charter schools and performance-based accountability. These latter initiatives are designed to free schools and districts from rules and regulations beyond the freedom provided by waiver programs. Finally, the paper explores three other issues that surface in the deregulation literature: funding, equity and public school choice. (Amy Anderson, Education Commission of the States, May 1997)...

Understanding Flexibility in Federal Education Programs - This guidebook explains how states, school districts and schools can get waivers from federal requirements in education, training and child nutrition laws and regulations. It also describes provisions to increase state and local administrative flexibility and reduce paperwork associated with federal programs. (Center on Education Policy and Institute for Educational Leadership, 2000)...

Ed-Flex States Vary in Implementation of Waiver Process - Ed-Flex States Vary in Implementation of Waiver Process. This report describes the type of waivers that Ed-Flex states have granted to their local school districts. It also discusses participating states' views on the usefulness of Ed-Flex, and identifies issues in ensuring accountability if Ed-Flex is continued or expanded. (Government Accounting Office, 1998)...

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