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 Selected Research & Readings


Put Learning First: A Portfolio Approach to Public Schools - This brief argues for a portfolio approach to public schools. A portfolio-based system would allow school boards to customize schools to their studentsí diverse needs within the framework of public education. Such a system would have eight key features: (1) public oversight; (2) public funding; (3) concentration of resources near the student; (4) strategic use of community resources; (5) rewards for high performance; (6) openness to promising ideas, people, and organizations; (7) free movement of dollars, students and educators; and (8) An environment of support for both new and existing schools. (Paul T. Hill, Progressive Policy Institute, February 2006) ...

Education Reform: School-Based Managment Results in Changes in Instruction and Budgeting - The U.S. General Accounting Office studied school-based management initiatives in three school districts. The implementation of SBM in these districts resulted in changes in instructional programs, including the addition of all-day kindergarten, extended-day programs, special education and gifted-and-talented programs. Budgeting changes, such as adjusted spending on staff, supplies and equipment, were also attributed to the adoption of SBM. (General Accounting Office, August 1994)...

Forms and Effects of School-Based Management: A Review - Based on a review of 83 empirical studies of school-based management (SBM), the authors identify four major forms of SBM: administrative control, professional control, community control and equal control. The authors also sought to determine what effects SBM has on students, teachers, principals, parents, district administrators and schools. They found that none of the variations of SBM produced any notable effect on students, but that largely positive effects were observed for principals and teachers. This article can be ordered by calling Sage Publications at 1-800-818-7243. Individual articles cannot be purchased, but back orders of the journal can be purchased for an individual rate of $25 and an institutional rate of $75 per journal. (Kenneth Leithwood and Teresa Menzies, Educational Policy, May 1998) ...

Reinventing School-Based Management: A School Board Guide to School-Based Management - The National School Boards Association report explores how environmental, stakeholder and institutional factors have limited the implementation of school-based management. Policies at the district, state and federal level that serve as environmental constraints are discussed, while the resistance of school board members, central office staff, teachers/unions and school-site administrators also are explained. Noting that the institutional nature of public education may be the most severe obstacle to effective site-based management, the authors suggest that developing resource capacity through school board leadership and redistributing authority would help promote more effective SBM in schools. This report can be ordered for $20. (National School Boards Association, 1999)...

School-Based Management as School Reform: Taking Stock - This book paints a comprehensive picture of school-based management. The authors provide a historical background covering the last 100 years of the decentralization and centralization movements as the context in which to understand SBM as school reform. They define and illustrate three major models of SBM (administrative control, professional control and community control) and discuss the evidence of the effects SBM has had on education. This book can be purchased for $29.95. (Joseph Murphy and Lynn G. Beck, 1995)...

Charting Reform: LSCs - Local Leadership at Work - This analysis by the Consortium on Chicago School Research is based on survey data from parents and community members serving on local school councils (LSCs) in the Chicago Public Schools. The survey focused particularly on activities, contributions and training of LSC members in relation to their mandated responsibilities, which include selecting and evaluating the principal and developing and approving the budget and the school improvement plan. The study's results are intended to inform educators, policymakers, citizens and LSC members about local school councils, how they are performing and their role in contributing to school improvement from the vantage point of the members themselves. This report can be ordered for $10. (Consortium on Chicago School Research, 1997)...

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