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What States Are Doing
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Third Grade Reading Policies PDF - This paper outlines state policies relating to 3rd-grade reading proficiency, including identification of, intervention for, and retention of struggling readers in the P-3 grades. The paper provides a state-by-state policy summary, sample statutory language, and highlights from bills enacted this year. (Stephanie Rose, ECS, August 2012) ...

States Conducting Student Competency Testing for High School Graduation (Exit Exams) MS Word - In an effort to increase the numbers of well-prepared young adults, nearly all states have set standards that describe what students should know and be able to do. In addition, many states are using high school exit exams to ensure students have mastered particular skills and content. This report provides information on the various competency tests required in the states for high school graduation. (Education Commission of the States, August 2000)...

State Student Promotion/Retention Policies PDF - State policies regarding student promotion and retention vary significantly in the combination of their criteria for retention (i.e., state/district assessment scores, classroom performance), which grades are specified (if any), which subjects are singled out (if any), and the level at which authority rests (i.e., the state legislation, the state board of education, the local school board, the individual student's teacher, or a combination of the above.) Multi-state policy compilations. (Jennifer Dounay, Education Commission of the States, August 1999)...

Department of Education Has Taken Initial Steps to Improve Student Progression Data - This report evaluates the FCAT performance of students affected by Florida’s third grade retention policy during the 2002-03 and 2003-04 school years and follows their performance through 2006-07. (Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability, June 2008) ...

Grade-Level Retention in Texas Public Schools: 2003-04 - This annual report provides information for the 2003-04 school year on grade-level retention in the Texas public school system. Data are disaggregated by student characteristics (including grade level), ethnicity, gender, degree of English proficiency, at-risk, immigrant and migrant. Data also are provided by program participation in special education, career and technology, gifted and talented and Title I. In addition, student retention and promotion data are reported with data on the performance of students in grades 3 through 10 on the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills reading and mathematics tests. (Texas Education Agency, October 2005)...

An Evaluation of Florida’s Program to End Social Promotion - This study uses individual-level data provided by the Florida Department of Education to evaluate the initial effects of Florida’s policy requiring students to achieve a minimum score in reading in order to be promoted to the 4th grade. The authors intend to follow the same two cohorts of students in future studies to evaluate the effects of this new policy over time. The findings of this study, evaluating Florida’s program after its first year, include: (1) low-performing students subject to the retention policy made gains in reading and math greater than those of similar students not subject to the policy; and (2) low-performing students who were actually retained made gains in reading and math greater than those of similar students. (Jay P. Greene and Marcus A. Winters, Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, December 2004)...

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