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ECS Governance NotesOctober - November 2004

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Welcome to ECS Governance Notes, a bimonthly e-mail publication with links to key information on education governance.

Ron Zimmer and Brian Gill of RAND look at how research is proceeding in directions that will ultimately provide much stronger evidence about the EFFECTS OF CHARTER SCHOOLS.

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Armed with new power under state law, Governor Rod Blagojevich of ILLINOIS has moved quickly to put his stamp on school policy by overhauling the state school board and taking an active role in hiring at the state education agency.

In a new report for the Progressive Policy Institute's 21st Century Schools Project, Robin J. Lake examines charter schooling in NEW YORK CITY. Lake looks at the history, status, challenges, and future of charter initiatives there as well as for the rest of the state.

INDIANAPOLIS Mayor Bart Peterson is the nation's only mayor with the authority to issue charters for new public schools. He has seized the opportunity to create a new sector of public schools within the city that expands educational options for the children and families that need them. A new report by the Progressive Policy Institute takes a look at the successes and challenges of this new approach to delivering urban public education.

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Learn more about how three school districts are redefining roles for SCHOOL BOARDS and SUPERINTENDENTS as a way of improving achievement.

Researchers agree that better data are needed to answer critical and controversial questions about the nation's experiment with CHARTER SCHOOLING, but they don't see eye to eye on what studies have shown to date or what are the most important topics that researchers should address in the future.

A new DVD by Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Clarence Page looks at how Amistad Academy, a public charter school in New Haven, Connecticut, is CLOSING THE ACHIEVEMENT GAP between white and minority students.

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A collection of essays on EDUCATION GOVERNANCE co-published by The Brookings Institution and ECS examines who should be responsible for American schools and the consequences these decisions have for our children. The essays explore the tangled webs of authority and oversight, and raise questions such as: Is the federal role justified? What effects do school choice and vouchers have? Should governors be accountable for school performance? What is the family role in school governance?

Two new ECS policy briefs suggest that parents' ability to transfer their children under the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ACT from chronically low-performing schools to higher-performing ones will be limited without a major effort to expand the number and kind of options available to them.

A new ECS StateNote examines the various approaches states take to administering ADULT EDUCATION programs and provides information on adult education statutes in the states.

ECS has compiled a PowerPoint presentation showing the results of the NOVEMBER 2 ELECTIONS, both nationally and in the states. Maps show the political power breakdown for the U.S. Senate, governorships and state legislatures before the elections, and how it changed afterward. Meet the 11 new governors and learn what they plan for education in their states, and see which education ballot issues passed and failed.

See what panelists and participants in ECS' recent Web dialogue on SCHOOL CHOICE had to say about charters, magnet schools, home schooling and other topics.

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The University of Washington's Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) recently announced a $190,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to support the development of HIGH-QUALITY CHARTER SCHOOLS in Washington. The project will be a partnership between CRPE, which is part of the University's Evans School of Public Affairs, and the Charter Schools Development Center in California.

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To read more about Education Governance, visit the ECS Issue Site on Governance.


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