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School Governance Structures Database

Welcome to the ECS State Policies for Charter Schools Database!

This database contains information about the state policies for charter schools in each state. From this database, you can generate profiles of the state policies for charter schools in individual states, and view predetermined reports on state policies for charter schools.

At the present time, 39 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico have enacted charter school laws, so this database contains information only for them. It does not contain any information for the 11 states that have not enacted charter school laws.

Maintenance of this database is a collective effort between ECS and the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. Please contact Kathy Christie, 303.299.3613 or with questions or comments about the database. (Last updated in October 2010)

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Charter School Basics
Does the state have a charter school law?

Does the state allow existing public schools to convert to charter schools?

Does the state allow for the creation of start-up charter schools?

Is a charter school part of a local education agency (LEA) or its own LEA?

Does the state specify the charter schools or the students that may be given preference?

Does the state have any caps on the number of charter schools?

Who can approve charter schools?

Does the state specify who may apply to open a charter school?

Is there an appeals process in place for charter applicants?

Does the state provide technical assistance to charter schools?

Charter School Finance
Through whom does a charter school receive its funding?

How is the funding for a charter school determined?

Does the state provide start-up and/or planning grants to charter schools?

Does the state provide facilities funds or other facilities assistance to charter schools?

Does the state specify who must provide transportation to charter school students?

Charter School Autonomy
Are the state's standards and assessments applied to charter schools?

What rules are waived for charter schools?

Charter School Teachers
Do teachers in a charter school have to be certified?

What sets teacher salaries?

Does the state require school districts to grant teachers a leave of absence to teach in a charter school?

Do teachers in each of a state's charter schools have equal access to the public school teachers' retirement system?

Are charter schools bound by school district collective bargaining agreements?

Charter School Accountability
Does the state require charter schools to submit annual reports?

Does the state list grounds for terminating a school's charter?

Does the state provide an appeals process in the charter school renewal process?

Does the state require the state education agency or another entity to report on the effectiveness of charter schools?

In compiling the information for this database we reviewed each state’s statutes and administrative codes concerning charter schools.


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