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Welcome to the Education Commission of the States' Kindergarten Database

The information found on this page was updated in January 2013.
To view the most recent version of this database, updated in March 2014, click here.


Why this issue matters:

  • Kindergarten is often the first formal educational experience children receive. Quality, curriculum, teacher certification and other standards meaningfully influence students' experiences.
  • The Common Core State Standards begin in Kindergarten. State policies differ in terms of mandating attendance as well as district provision of full- or half-day programs, but children will be held to the same standards across the nation.
  • Alignment with Pre-K and grades 1-12 is essential to maintaining a high quality P-20 system.

Why our methodology matters:

  • Primary resources: ECS draws its information primarily from state statute, rules and regulations, recently enacted legislation, executive orders and other primary source documents.
  • For this database: ECS searched statutes, regulations and executive orders.

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Staff contact:
Emily Workman, Associate Policy Analyst

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1. Compulsory School Age

2. Kindergarten Entrance Age

3. Age Exemptions / Waivers

4. Child Must Attend Kindergarten

5. District Must Offer Kindergarten

6. District Offering Exemptions / Notes

7. Minimum Required Days / Hours for Kindergarten

8. Kindergarten Readiness Assessments

9. Curriculum and Alignment

10. Kindergarten Standards

11. Teacher:Student Ratios

12. Access to Kindergarten: Age Issues in State Statutes



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